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This page is a collection of eBook Blogs and sites devoted to eBooks and eBook Readers.


[edit] The list

[edit] Reviewers

Sites devoted to doing reviews. The more general sites listed above may also do reviews.

[edit] Blogs devoted to eBooks

  • eBooks Just Published -- A blog (and RSS feed) announcing new releases from independent authors. Includes books for sale and free books, all are DRM-free.
  • Finding Free eBooks -- A blog listing sites that offer FREE eBooks (invite only so not very useful)

[edit] Related Blogs

  • http://www.brainpickings.org/ - While not specific to eBooks this blog by Maria Popova provides good insight to books which sometimes includes eBooks.
  • http://eBookJuggler.com - A site dedicated to optimizing your reading experience. Has tweaks and hacks for the kindle, tutorials on eBook conversion, and general tips for managing libraries of eBooks.

[edit] Search Site

Here are some sites that can look for blogs.

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