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The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) is an application of the Atom Syndication Format intended to enable content creators and distributors to distribute digital books via a simple catalog format. This format is designed to work interchangeably across multiple desktop and device software programs.

This standard, also called OpenPub, supports ePUB as the primary reading format although additional formats are supported. It is based on an implementation by Lexcycle for the Stanza application.


[edit] Overview

The idea of this system is to provide a format that can be used by eBook readers or even a dedicated eBook reader devices with Internet access to be able to search, discover, and download eBooks from online eBook catalogs. The system requires an RSS style processor that works with the distribution system to display choices with descriptions for the user to download. It could also provide the ability to purchase eBooks or other files. Supporting this format would be sufficient for wireless capable devices that did not include a Web Browser or that wanted to standardize the user interface experience from multiple sites.

[edit] Online OPDS Catalogs

[edit] (Mainly) English

[edit] Bulgarian

[edit] (Mainly) Chinese

[edit] (Mainly) French

[edit] German

[edit] Hungarian

[edit] Japanese

[edit] (Mainly) Polish

[edit] (Mainly) Russian


[edit] Bangla/Bengali

[edit] Metacatalogs

[edit] eBook Reading Software Supporting OPDS

In general, ODPS-client apps which support iOS standard inter-app communication methods, including sending files to other apps, can serve as download proxies for other iOS reader apps installed on the same device.

[edit] Software Supporting OPDS

[edit] OPDS Catalog Generation

  • BookMaster SE: - automatically generates OPDS and HTML catalogs for its own book library on any iPad model running iOS 8.0 or later.
  • calibre: - automatically generates OPDS and HTML catalogs for its own book library on Windows and Mac.
  • calibre2opds generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from the ebooks database of Calibre.
  • COPS generates OPDS and HTML catalogs on your server, from your Calibre library. Needs PHP and file access to the Calibre library.
  • Lucicat generates OPDS and HTML catalogs on your server. Needs PHP/MySQL to run. As of mid-2012, the author has removed it from his website and it is unavailable, but here is a mirror
  • OPDS catalog is an app for the Owncloud personal cloud server, enabling users to publish a sub-tree of their personal filesystem as an OPDS feed
  • OPDSGen - a simple PHP/JavaScript user interface that generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from files that have been copied onto a website.
  • Pathagar - Pathagar is a book server written in Python Django. It serves book catalogs through a web interface and OPDS feeds for use with clients including the Get Books activity on the Sugar Learning Platform, largely used on One Laptop per Child laptops. Book uploads, tagging, grouping and other management is done through the web interface. Bulk uploads are done using JSON and CSV.
  • Simple OPDS - Simple OPDS server for Linux platform written on python3
  • TinyOPDS - lightweight and simple OPDS server for the home use, needs Windows OS plus .NET 4.0 (client profile) or Linux OS plus Project Mono
  • Ubooquity is an ebooks/comics server which allows access to your collection through web pages or OPDS feeds. Needs Java.

[edit] OPDS Catalog Validator

There is an easy-to-use online validator to help validate any OPDS catalog.

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