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Amazon Kindle 1, 2 & 3
As of February 20,2011 Daffy4u ceased updating this guide. If anyone would like to take over or even make the occasional edit, it would be greatly appreciated by the Kindle owning community. Thanks everyone, especially Leep and pilotbob who helped get this project started. A very special thank you to people to created and refined the hacks used in this guide. :)

This is the home page of the Visual Kindle Guide as created by pilotbob, Leep and daffy4u with contributions from the MobileRead Community.


[edit] How to use the Command Prompt

From time to time, you may need make use of the command line in order to perform some tasks on your Kindle. You need to know how to open a command window. Here are the steps to show you how.

Command Prompt Vista/XP/Mac - If you are using Windows 7, the Vista instructions should work for you.

[edit] How to install Python for Windows

There are many tools being created to help extend the Kindle to be useful in other areas. Some of those tools require Python scripts. We will show you how to install Python on your Windows computer, so that you can take advantage of those scripts as they come along. NOTE: Even if you are using 64-bit Windows, install the 32-bit Python files.

Install Python Windows

[edit] How to work with Metadata

Want to manipulate the Metadata, like title and author info of your .azw, ,prc or .mobi books? Mobi2Mobi is the tool for the job. Please note that Mobi2Mobi does not work on Topaz formatted books (.azw1, .tpz). At this time there is no GUI for the Mac side. If you're a Mac programming guru and would like to create one, please drop by Mobileread and let us know. :)

Kindle Mobi2Mobi Vista/XP 
Kindle Mobi2Mobi GUI Vista/XP 

Mobi2Mobi for the Mac is a two part process. First the installation of the mobiperl tools and then the actual commands. Please note that Mobi2Mobi does not work on Topaz formatted books (.azw1, .tpz). NOTE: Due to updates in OSX, the installation instructions below may no longer work. We suggest using Calibre for Metadata editing.

Install Mobi2Mobi Mac
Kindle Mobi2Mobi Mac

Tips on how to organize your Kindle books by tweaking the Metadata a bit more.

Mobi2Mobi Advanced

Have you purchased or downloaded a freebie ebook from a retailer other than the Amazon Kindle store? Would you like to be able to sync that DRM-free ebook among your Kindles and Kindle for PC? If that same book is also sold at Amazon and has an ASIN number (eBook or pBook), we have a little trick using the Mobi2Mobi GUI to help you get your sync on. Unfortunately, at this time, this is a Windows only trick.

Kindle Sync with non-Amazon eBooks on Windows

Now you can use Calibre to organize your book series by using the Plugboards feature.

Kindle and Calibre Plugboards

[edit] More Kindle Fun (Save Your Hack Files)

More ways to extend the usefulness of your Kindle. Beware, these modifications could damage your Kindle if not installed correctly and may void the warranty. Use at your own risk. :) YOU MAY HAVE TO REMOVE THESE HACKS BEFORE YOUR KINDLE CAN BE UPDATED BY AMAZON, PLEASE BE SURE TO KEEP THE UNINSTALL FILES IN A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM EASILY.

Save Your Hack Files

[edit] Which Kindle Do you Have?

The first thing you need to know is which Kindle you have.

Kindle Serial Numbers 

[edit] Kindle Hacks Threads and Posts

There are many hacks becoming available for Kindle. Some are covered in this wiki others aren't. I am collecting links to threads and posts about any and all hacks I learn about. Feel free to jump in with any I miss. :)

Kindle Hacks Information

[edit] Kindle Screen Saver Hacks

Now on the the fun stuff.

Kindle 1 Screen Saver Hack
Kindle 2 Screen Saver Hack - [U.S. Sprint version only. Does not work with the 2.3 update.]
KindleDX Screen Saver Hack - [U.S. Sprint DX, no visuals. Does not work with the 2.3 update.]
Kindle 2 US, Int'l and Kindle DX Screen Saver Hack - [U.S. Sprint & International DX. Only works with the 2.3 update.]
Kindle Screen Saver Hack for all 2.x and 3.x Kindles - This NiLuJe's version

[edit] Kindle Font Hacks

If you'd like to read books in other languages on your Kindle 2, this is the hack for you.

Kindle Font Hacks - Kindle 2 U.S. only [Does not work with the 2.3 update.]
Kindle 2 US, Int'l and Kindle DX Font Hack - [Works with 2.3 update 
and now includes Kindle DX International.]
Kindle Font Hack for all 2.x and 3.x Kindles - This is NiLuJe's version

[edit] Kindle Registration Hack

Do you have the U.S. version of the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX and live outside the U.S.? Do you need the ability to register your Kindle so that you can take full advantage of Kindle Updates? This hack will help you.

Kindle 2 US and Kindle DX US Registration Hack

[edit] How to use Calibre with your Kindle

You've probably heard about Calibre (pronounced KAL-LE-BER), the eBook Library Management program that is a must have, no matter what eBook Reader you own. For an introduction on how to use it to add books to the Kindle, check out:

Add Books to Kindle Guide with Calibre
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