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Makes eBook Readers and other business ventures. The following is rearranged slightly but written by Condor Technology Associates. They have a large presence in India.


[edit] EBook Readers

We ventured into EBOOK Readers (eReader), with support of our manufacturers who been supporting us for years, We launched our sole designed ebook reader "eGriver Basic" in year 2009 November after one year of working on R&D. Later year 2010 we planned to Launch 2 ebook reader models based on two different Display technology's like E Ink and SiPix.

  • EGriver IDEO (EB61) designed on EINK 16 level gray scale display (600x800 resolution) built with SAMSUNG chip for high performance,supporting 8-16 GB of SD Card,were in you can store upto 1300 more ebook files.We made it to support 18 ebook file formats,3 image file formats,2 audio formats. eGriver EB61 Deluxe will be release in Mid 2010, with WiFi support. The happy news is, eGriver EB61 is the first device with Keypad to help user search or bookmark the interested contents.
  • eGriver Octa - A 6" diagonal E-Ink reader with WiFi and Web Browser, otherwise similar to the IDEO. It does have a keypad in addition to the row of number keys.
  • eGriver Touch (ES600) - with Touch Screen + Wi-Fi, designed with AOU SiPix display, 16 level gray scale display (600x800 resolution) built on Intel Chip, support 16 GB SD Card. supporting all commonly used ebook formats,images,audio files. With use of Touch Screen support, user can highlight or Annotate his interested topic.

We never advertised yet. but now we think we do not need it, as we have our esteemed customers,associates,friends like you to help us grow better, our product was compared to be a best ebook reader competing with top brands, technically,user interface and based on support & cost.

[edit] Company History

We started in year 2003 with a team of 3 members. Working for a new innovative applications and affordable for small business houses. We have 100's more customers who been happy with us rather personally than our business name. We developed lots of software applications for different industrial sectors like manufacturing, engineering, hotels, transportation, Import/Exporter's on different business operations like Operation Management,Accounting,payroll.

Later in year 2004 we concentrated on business sector Logistics & Courier's where in most top IT firm's did not concentrate, we design a exclusive ERP "Enterprise Resource Planning" application, where we were able this software buy and use by small courier shops too. Our application provided a seamless operation covering overhaul business process of a Logistics & Courier company.

Later years gone our customers required a robust application cut cost the man-power,increase productivity,increase accuracy and transparency in business operation. We designed 3 different application, which was integrated into a single business model.

[edit] Garuda

  • Backend Business Operation Application, handling entry and exit of document, payroll management,document management, Customer service management,Document tracking.

[edit] Jatayu

  • Delivery Application installed to your Windows Mobile Device,having access to GSM network. which is been carried by every delivery boys who delivers the parcels/documents/postal letters.On delivery of these items, the delivery boys gets acknowledgment on the Mobile Terminal, these data is transferred to our Back-end system via SMS or Data Connection (GPRS/EDGE)

[edit] Universal Tracker

  • This is a web based system, helps every customer who is in-turn provided access to track the documents. You can track your documents on every stages until the delivery.

Well, you may wonder whats new in this and what is unique in this, these application were exclusive designed based interest of every service provider who delivers you Phone Bills, Bank Statements or any sensitive documents. And our cost is too affordable for small business customers.

Ok, i hope you feel interesting to know more about us. yes here we have our some interesting works we been doing without no advertisements. Our customers reach us thru "word of Mouth".

Some knew about business in software's, we have been a turn-key solution provider for mobile application, were we provided the handheld terminals, we personal Tested,Evaluated,Redesigned some internal device structures for our customers to cut the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

We invested and developed India made Mini-Laptops in 7" inch and 10" Inch on Intel Atom Platform in year 2008. We stopped our operations as we wanted to have some innovative products.

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