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[edit] About Links

There are often links to other sites in this wiki. Some of the pages are old and have been kept for historic purposes. If a link is broken because the site is no longer available, try using to find an older copy. Just paste the original site into the search box.

[edit] Hardware Readers

Current Popular Devices (Click above for all readers)

[edit] Categories

Many of the Wiki articles are classified into Categories of related items.

Popular Categories include: (hits as of 2017/6/16)

  1. iRex iLiad (120,512)
  2. Sony Portable Reader (104,936)
  3. Kindle (76,766)
  4. HowTo (51,373)
  5. Creation/conversion software (31,835)
  6. eBook Reading Programs and Hardware (30,748)
  7. Hardware topics except eBook Readers (28,568)
  8. Book reviews (25,612)
  9. Stubs needing more information (17,866)
  10. Hardware Reader (15,583)
  11. Formats (15,040)
  12. Kobo (14,649)
  13. Hanlin (8,065)
  14. Sunrise XP (7,828)
  15. iLiad Software (7,215)
  16. Visual Kindle Guide (6,591)
  17. Mac (6,500)
  18. Android (6,424)
  19. Hanvon (5,556)
  20. Palm (4,857)
  21. Calibre (4,652)
  22. MobiPerl (4,463)
  23. DIY (4,352)
  24. Cybook (4,282)
  25. Debricking Kindle (4,246)
  26. Help (4,244)
  27. Kindle Touch (4,238)
  28. Category:Kindle 3 (3,962)
  29. EPrdctn (3,893)
  30. EPub (3,745)
  31. Matrix (3,621)
  32. Policy (3,539)
  33. Bebook (2,971)
  34. Tablets (2,900)
  35. Category Restructure (2,657)
  36. Statistics (2,560)
  37. Review (2,540)
  38. Category:PocketBook (2,506)
  39. Category:Boox M92 (2,283)
  40. Category:Kindle Hardware (2,088)
  41. Category:EBooks (2,029)
  42. Category:EBook fundamentals (2,027)
  43. Category:Company (1,907)

To track changes use the view history diff option and select changes to the Categories section.

[edit] eProduction

This site also hosts the wiki pages for the EPrdctn group that hosts technical discussions on Twitter. Their pages and pages that they have added significant contributions to will be listed in their EPrdctn category.

[edit] Useful Templates

Here are some templates to help start a new page or add special features to a page. Reference these templates by including its name inside of double braces {{ and }}

  • HardwareReader - used to start a page on a eBook Reader
  • Inuse - add at the top of a file undergoing changes that will take a while to complete. Also called 'Under Construction'.
  • Disambiguation - Add to the top of a page used to provide a linked list of topics for a particular term. Also called 'disambig'
  • Languages - Add to the top of a page that supports multiple languages.
  • Stub - A short article that needs more data.
  • Center - A way to center a line of data on the screen. The data to be centered should be in the {{ and }} along with the word Center and separated with a |.
  • lowercase - This can be placed at the very top of a file to get the first letter of the topic name to be in lower case.
  • Col-begin, Col-break, and Col-end can be used to create a multi-column entry. Handy for long lists of items. Use Col-begin to start the list, Use Col-break to start each column (including the first), Use Col-end to end the multi-column area of the screen.
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