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Chrome OS is a cloud based operating system. The heart of this OS is the Chrome browser.


[edit] Hardware

Currently the Chrome OS is available on Chromebook, a netbook style computer. There are models available from Samsung and Acer. The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 has a 12.1" LED screen while the Acer Chromebook AC700 has an 11.6" LED screen. It is also be basis of Google TV.

[edit] Web Browser

The Chrome browser can be download for a PC, Windows or Mac OS X. It provides nearly the same environment as the Chrome OS does so you can basically try it out using the PC Browser.

Note: Version 14 install has lots of problems installing for many Windows users. If you get a 102 error then here are some tips:

download ChromeSetup to C:\
Open CMD window and change to C:
Ensure that \windows\system32 contains expand.exe
Mkdir TEST
start ChromeSetup

Chrome browser will only install on your C: drive.

The Web browser and therefore a part of Chrome OS is a HTML transfer protocol called SPDY (pronounced SPeeDY) which compresses and streamlines the transfer of data. See SPDY whitepaper and Wikipedia for more details. Note this is also supported in Firefox OS.

[edit] Chrome OS update

From Endgadget: Chrome OS has come a long way since we reviewed the original Pixel, back in February 2013. First off, most every Google app has offline access, including Gmail, Drive, Music and Google Play Movies & TV. Many third-party apps, such as Pocket and Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, now work offline, too. In fact, the selection is big enough that there's even a section of the Chrome Web Store dedicated to offline-capable apps. In short, then, the idea that Chromebooks are crippled without an internet connection is a big fat myth. I will say this, though, there is nothing more infuriating than being locked out of a Chromebook during a flight because you have two-factor authentication and can't receive your six-digit code over SMS. That happened to me while testing another Chrome OS laptop recently and, well, let's just say I won't be making that mistake again. Always have backup codes handy.

[edit] Reading apps

  • Magic Scroll eBook Reader
  • audlibri Player - listen to your eBooks
  • Blurb Bookify - make and read books made from images.
  • SoopBook - a writing online program
  • Google Books - The Google collection.
  • MeeGenius! children's books.
  • specialize collections.
  • Readium - ePub 3 Reader.
  • Rage comics - comic book reader

See for more.

[edit] Google TV

Google TV is a specialized instance of Chrome OS. It is built into some SmartTV's and can also be purchased as an addon box for any TV from several companies. Google TV inserts itself between your cable provider or satellite provider output (HDMI) and has an independent wireless access to your router.

It can support many Android apps and provides a connection to the Google Play store for media streaming and app download.

[edit] Laptops that use Chrome OS

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