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AMIS (Adaptive Multimedia Information System) is a software program that you can use to read DAISY books. It is self-voicing, meaning that no specialized screen-reading software is needed in order for it to be used by visually impaired people. AMIS is open source software and is provided free of charge.

[edit] Features

AMIS is a Windows program that reads DAISY eBooks. AMIS supports navigation features such as next phrase, previous phrase, next section, goto page, a sidebar that can browse the structure of the book, bookmarking and control of the speed of the audio eBook reading. Support is available for CDROM eBooks as well as downloading directly from a web site.

Multiple languages are supported and can be added by the user. Current languages include English, Chinese, Tamil, Australian English, French, Afrikaans, Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk), and Icelandic.

AMIS makes use of SMIL and can work with the following screen readers: Jaws for Windows, HAL and Supernova, Window Eyes, and NVDA.

[edit] Types of DAISY books supported

  • DAISY 2.02
  • DAISY/NISO 2005
  • Multivolume (DAISY 2.02)
  • Full text + full audio
  • Audio + NCX
  • Text-only in UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, and (of course) ASCII.

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