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Adobe Reader is designed to read PDF files.

Adobe Reader is available for most Mobile Platforms including: Palm, Pocket PC and Symbian OS. It is also available for various flavors of Unix, Mac's and PC's. In most formats you can download it in any of 6 different languages. All of the versions from Adobe, other than Palm, can read PDF files directly without requiring conversion.

To make reading a PDF file easier on the smaller screens the document can be reflowed (if permitted). ActiveSync on a PC will add the tags necessary to support reflow automatically the first time the file is transfered to the PDA. In addition Acrobat and Framemaker can build the file with reflow tags already present. Using reflow means that the page size is adapted to the screen size of the device while leaving the text large enough to read comfortably. Reflow is not mandatory and can be toggled off if you need to see the file in its original format.

Adobe Reader for all platforms is freeware, and may be found here:

There are also readers for this format available from other Software makers. However, most of these other versions do not support reflow. See PDF for details.

[edit] eBook Readers

Most dedicated eBook Readers use Adobe Digital Editions to read PDF files but there are some that use Adobe Mobile Reader which is a version of the standard Adobe Reader used on desktops and laptops. Both support Adobe DRM on PDF files but the Mobile Reader provides zoom with panning capability in addition or as a substitute for reflow.

Adobe Reader Touch is now available for use on computers that have a touch screen. This is generally available as an app download from the appropriate app store.

[edit] Palm

Adobe Reader for PalmOS is an Adobe product for reading PDFs on PalmOS devices. It comes in two parts: the PalmOS viewer program, and a desktop component. The desktop component is available for Windows and MacOS. PDFs intended to be read on the Palm device must be converted on the desktop to the format used by the Palm viewer. The text will be reflowed during the conversion process.

The reader occupies about 600KB of memory when stored in RAM, though it can be run from an expansion card. Converted PDF files for the reader will vary in size. PDFs can be displayed in color on color devices, but the reader is low resolution (160x160), and while it runs on newer hi-res devices, it won't use the full 320x480 screen available on devices with a "virtual" Grafitti area.

Converted PDF files can be stored on expansion cards in the /Palm/Launcher/Acrobat directory. The current version is 3.05

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