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Helicon books is marketing the Gyan reader, also called the Advanced ePub3 reader. This reader that was built from it's inception to be an ePub 3 reader and thus support all the EPUB 3 standard.


[edit] Overview

Taken from their web site.

The reader is available for white label licensing. We are giving more then simply changing the logo on our reader, we are willing to work with our clients to customize the reader for their own needs. So that vendors will get exactly what they need and don't need to compromise on what we offer.

The reader is also available for 4.98 US$ at the Google play store.

[edit] Features

  • Full support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) including animated SVG.
  • Displaying mathematical formulas using W3C MathML standard.
  • Support for JavaScript enabling more interactive books.
  • Support for RTL languages including page progression direction.
  • Support for Media overlay (Speak aloud as called by Apple) for audio books or mixed text and audio.
  • Support for fixed layout mainly for comics and children's book.
  • Support for integrated video

[edit] Platform

  • Android - available from Google Play.
  • iOS - planned

[edit] For more information

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