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This was a line of LCD Wireless Smart Displays made by Viewsonic. They were intended to be used as a wireless monitor. But, since they run Windows CE 4.1, it's possible to use them as a stand alone eBook reader.


[edit] Overview

Liberate yourself from your desk:

  • Establish a one-to-one relationship with your PC.
  • Using our Communicator version, connect to the Internet wirelessly wherever CDMA, GPRS, and GSM cellular phone service is available.
  • Using our Remote Desktop version, wirelessly access files, applications and/or data located on a business PC or server remotely using Citrix® ICA® or Microsoft® RDP software.
  • Naturally interact with the PC's applications through pen stylus or optional keyboard and mouse.

This product was announced in March 2002 by ViewSonic. It is no longer being manufactured but can be found on eBay.

[edit] Models

There were 4 models.

[edit] Airpanel 100 / Viewpad 100

The Airpanel 100 and the Viewpad 100 are essentially the same device. They have identical hardware, and only differ in the OS. This is the easiest Airpanel to convert for use as an eBook reader. It is the only one where you have direct access to the underlying operating system.


  • Processor: 206MHz Intel® StrongARM™
  • Operating System: (Airpanel) Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET
  • Operating System: (Viewpad) Microsoft® Windows® CE 3.0
  • Memory: SDRAM 128MB
  • Graphics: Media-Q MQ200 Graphics Controller, 2MB Display Memory, 128bit 2D Graphics
  • Video Resolution/Built-in LCD Display:
    • 800x600 in landscape mode
    • 600x800 in portrait mode
  • Video Resolution/External Display:
    • 640x480 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
    • 800x600 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
    • 1024x768 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
  • Display Touch Panel: High Luminance SVGA 10" TFT LCD Display Resistive Touch Screen
  • Expansion Slots: One Type II PC Card/One Type II CompactFlash™
  • Audio: 18bit A / D stereo, 48KHz sampling rate, built-in microphone and one speaker
  • System Ports: Universal Serial Bus (USB) port (1 host and 1 slave?), microphone and audio-out jack, cradle 16-pin connector, mini-VGA port
  • One-Touch Access Buttons: Jog dial, four-way directional, enter
  • Battery: Rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter: 90-264V AC 50/60Hz; 19.5V DC Output Voltage; 2.0A 40W Power Output
  • Dimensions: 13.81" x 8.0" x 0.5" (L x W x D); 350mm x 203mm x 13mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs/1.1 kg


  • Web Browser and Applications: Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Communication Applications: Microsoft Instant Messenger (communicator version only), Citrix® ICA® Client 6.3, Microsoft RDP 5.1
  • Multimedia: Microsoft Media Player 7.0 (communicator version only)
  • Additional Applications: Display Utility, Task Manager and virtual keyboard.

[edit] v110 Smart Display

The v110 uses the same screen as the v100, but it was intended to only work as a wireless monitor. Accessing the underlying OS requires a firmware hack.


  • CPU: 400MHz PXA250
  • 10" Touchscreen, 800x600
  • 64MB RAM
  • 32MB Flash
  • PC card slot
  • 2 USB Host
  • 1 USB client
  • 802.11b Wifi
  • left side of screen: speaker, left & right mouse buttons
  • right side of screen: power button, keyboard button Dashboard button, joystick (can be used as an alternative mouse)

[edit] v150 Smart Display


  • Processor: 400MHz Intel XScale™ processor for added speed, power savings and efficiency.
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® CE for Smart Displays operating system works much like your PC. You’ll automatically feel familiar with applications.
  • Memory: Includes 32MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM
  • Display Touch Panel: Colors are vivid and text is crisp with the bright 15" full-color transmissive display. High 1024 x 768 resolution keeps your image details clear.
  • Battery: Long-life lithium-ion battery lasts up to 4 hours.
  • Weight: With a sleek design, weighing less than 6 pounds, this 15" LCD is truly portable.
  • Integrated Wireless: 802.11b wireless technology is built in for easy wireless access to your PC.


  • External Wireless: Make your PC wireless. Includes the 802.11b airsync™ USB wireless adapter for your home PC.
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional: Includes a FREE upgrade to your operating system and enables full airpanel functionality.
  • Easily Access Information: Convenient directional pad and hot buttons make navigation fast and simple.
  • Installation CD-ROM Included: Get up and running in about 15 minutes with the included airpanel companion CD-ROM. A simple to use utility that walks you through the installation process.
  • Primary Monitor: Use the V150 as your PC’s primary monitor when docked. The optional V150 dock allows you to hot-dock/undock your Wireless Smart Display. And with VGA pass through and OSD you can truly have a visual experience.
  • Quickly Input Information: The Input Panel application allows you to choose the way you input data, either by handwriting recognition or via a soft keyboard. Or, connect your keyboard or a mouse to the integrated USB ports.

[edit] Airsync v200 Smart Display (also v205, v210, v212, v215)

The v2xx all use hardware very similar to the v110. Information is sketchy.

Specifications (for the v210):

  • CPU: 400MHz PXA250
  • 10" Touchscreen, 800x600
  • 128MB RAM
  • 64MB Flash
  • PC card slot
  • 2 USB Host
  • 1 USB client
  • 802.11b\g Wifi
  • left side of screen: speaker, left & right mouse buttons
  • right side of screen: power button, keyboard button Dashboard button, joystick (can be used as an alternative mouse)

[edit] hacking the firmware

I haven't done this yet, so can't include instructions.

[edit] For more information

Airpanel 100 features

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