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A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for the Amazon Kindle.


[edit] Keyboard Shortcuts

Note on syntax: Keys separated by "+" should be held. Keys separated by "-" should be pressed and released.

Screenshot taken with Alt+Shift+G. Full Size

[edit] Global Keys

  • Alt+G refresh screen (anti-ghosting)
  • Alt+Shift+R reboot Kindle
  • Alt+Shift+. restart GUI and show your Serial Number with Bar code
  • Alt+Shift+G screenshot
    • An SD card is required to store screenshots; they are saved in .GIF format in the card's root. No SD card required for the Kindle 2 Intl or Kindle3.

[edit] Home Page

  • Alt+Shift+M Minesweeper game (and GoMoku in Kindle3 by pressing G in Minesweeper)
  • Alt+Z rescan picture directories
  • Alt+T show time (does not work in Kindle 3 but you can hit Menu button to see time)
  • Number Keys flip to entered book list page (e.g. entering 1-0 will take you to page 10)
  • Alt+Home Open Amazon Store

[edit] Reader

  • Alt+B toggle bookmark
  • Alt+T spell out time (does not work in Kindle 3 but you can hit Menu button to see time)
  • Alt+0 (zero) enable/disable slideshow (note that this will also work with text. There is no control for speed but changing font size will help somewhat.)
  • Alt+1 start slideshow (if enabled)
  • Alt+2 stop slideshow
  • Alt+PageForward/PageBackward go to next/previous annotation or one "chunk" (1/20th of a book) forward or backward

[edit] Settings Page

  • Alt+(3-1-1) search for and switch wireless provider
  • Alt+(4-1-1) show diagnostics data
  • Alt+(5-1-1) run loopback call test
  • Alt+(6-1-1) diagnostic data service call c/e/s
  • Alt+(1-2-6) Lab126 team members

[edit] Font List

  • J show/hide justification options

[edit] Picture Viewer

  • Alt+Shift+o set current picture as screensaver.
  • F toggle fullscreen mode. This is a bit buggy, whenever you wake the Kindle up or reload the picture collection the screen will redraw wrong. Press F twice to straighten this out.
  • R toggle rotating images 90°, or back upright. This rotation is added to whichever direction the Kindle has set with the Aa key. Useful with the next 2..
  • 0-9 Press any number to show a 1/10ths of the screen ruler. The ruler is along the "bottom" of the screen, if you want the ruler to display the other way, then rotate via both the Aa settings and R key. On models without proper number keys, pressing Alt+# works.
  • Alt + 1-9 When the screen is only showing part of a larger image, this will shift the view by less than a screenful. Ex: press Alt+3, and the invisible line at ruler position 3 will be shifted to the left edge.
  • Q Zoom in
  • W Zoom out
  • E Reset the zoom level

[edit] Text to Speech

  • The up arrow + SYM turns on/off Text To Speech
The Minesweeper game. Full Size

[edit] Minesweeper

  • I,J,K,L up, left, down, right
  • M mark mine/unmark mine
  • R restart
  • Space/ScrollWheelClick open cell
  • ScrollWheel move cursor left/right or up/down depending on mode
  • Alt toggle scrollwheel mode for left/right or up/down movement
  • H return to Home screen

[edit] Text Input

  • Alt+Backspace clear all
  • Alt+H/Alt+J cursor left/right

Note: The following shortcuts do not work in search fields.

  • Alt+6 ?
  • Alt+7 ,
  • Alt+8 :
  • Alt+9 "
  • Alt+0 '

[edit] Browser

  • Alt+1 show current location in Google Maps
  • Alt+2 find gas station nearby
  • Alt+3 find restaurant nearby
  • Alt+5 find custom keyword nearby
  • Alt+D dump debug info to the log and toggle highlight default item
  • Alt+Z toggle zone drawing and show log

[edit] Audio Player

  • Alt+F next
  • Alt+P play/stop (Kindle)
  • Alt+Space play/stop (Kindle 3)

[edit] Search Commands

Note: These commands are to be entered into a search box, followed by keywords (e.g. "@wiki amazon kindle" will search Wikipedia for articles about the Kindle).

  • @help
  • @web
  • @wiki/@wikipedia
  • @store
  • @time

Special thanks to Igor Skochinsky and his Reversing Everything blog for discovering and compiling the majority of the undocumented keyboard shortcuts.

As a precaution, all commands that may damage the Kindle's functionality have been removed.

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