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Aquile Reader is a Windows 10 based eBook Reader with catalog support.

[edit] Description

Information taken from their web site.

Aquile Reader is a modern eBook Reader app for Windows with powerful features and controls, all with a very user-friendly, customizable and intuitive UI. You can read your own local eBook files (DRM free) or browse and read over 50,000 free eBooks from various online eBook catalogs, all within the app.

[edit] Features

Some of the prominent features of the app are -

  • Book style 2-column layout, along with other layout options.
  • Support for notes, highlights and bookmarks.
  • Text-to-Speech capability for reading aloud books.
  • Fully customizable Reader screen with colors, layout, font, spacing, etc.
  • Library with features like filter, sort and search books.
  • Collections view to see all notes, highlights and bookmarks across books at one place.
  • Online book store within the app to browse, download and read new books.
  • Color theme support for the app.
  • App Statistics to provide reading insights.
  • Syncs eBooks in folders (filesystem) with app book library.
  • Added details for each book like, total line/word count, reading progress, etc.

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