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Augen Gentouch is a set of products. They call themselves the iPad-like Android Web Tablet PC.

[edit] Gentouch 78

The Gentouch 78 is the first oldest member of this product line.

There are 2 different versions out of the device – one with a WHITE power button and one with BLACK power button. The White power button, the second version of the device has a G-sensor, microphone, sturdier housing and a 3.5mm microphone jack. The black power button device, the first version of Gentouch 78 does not have any of the above.

Firmware updates for black button version DO NOT work with the white button version and vice versa! Oh and one more thing to remember is that in Asian markets Gentouch78 is called Dawa D7.

[edit] 4 new devices

Announced at CES2011, all with coffee names.

The first one is called Gentouch Latte and it`s a very similar device to the original Gentouch 78. Well it`s basically the same device with all the same specs but it has received the Android 2.2 update and has an accelerometer + they moved the buttons a bit. Not a huge improvement but its priced at $150 and possibly lower so it`s still more or less competitive.

The Second device is called Gentouch Latte Grande thats again EXACTLY the same as the previously described device BUT with an capacitive touch screen instead of the resistive screen which we all know are quite bad or even awful. The price increase clearly describes the actual cost of the screen itself, the device costs now $269.

Third device is called Gentouch Espresso that is, as the name suggests, the more powerful device. It carries on the same specs as the Latte Grande but now comes in a sturdier casing and runs on more powerful Cortex ARM A9 1GHz processor plus it has an forward facing video camera and GB of internal (flash) storage. The weird part it that it was told to retail around $270 which doesn't really make sense since the less powerful Latte Grande was said to cost about the same…

And lastly we have the most interesting Android tablet of the bunch – The Gentouch Dolce that is an 10 inch tablet with the 1GHz ARM 9 processor, 1024 x 768 pixel capacitive touch screen. You can also buy a docking station to go with it called Doppio which acts as an physical keyboard but it also comes with built-in 160GB HDD and an additional battery giving the whole combo a total running time of 15 hours. Now that is actually the first really cool gadget Augen has ever produced and we are looking forward to it. It does need to be mentioned that the last two tablets were not actually functioning units in CES but non-working prototypes but still we have high hopes!

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