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BRISS is a program to crop the margins from PDF files.

[edit] Overview

BRISS is a full featured cropping program for PDF files. Crossing the margin from PDF files permits the display of the text on screen sizes smaller than the ones that the PDF was designed for. Most often a PDF is designed to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" page. To faithfully display this page on electronic media would require a 14" screen. However trimming the margins off the device permits it to be displayed on significantly smaller devices depending on the font size used in the document. This is a Java program so it will work on many platforms. BRISS works by changing the viewing area of the page. Some viewers may not support this feature.

[edit] Features

BRISS features the ability to define a rectangle for the image for even and odd pages and then it will crop the entire document based on these samples. Unlike some other cropping programs BRISS preserves the document as text if it was originally text. Some programs convert it to images.

  • It will also crop multi-column documents and convert them to a single column.
  • multiple cropping boxes are supported to reduce the size of each page.
  • It will also handle landscape documents.
  • It preserves any metadata in the document.
  • Bookmarks are kept and adjusted to new page numbers.
  • An option to skip cropping the first (cover, title) page.
  • An exclude pages list can be created.
  • cropping rectangles can be resized.
  • automatic cropping to visible area.
  • it supports JPG2000

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