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BlueStacks is an Android emulator that runs on a PC. Caution: Be careful where you download this program, many sources include addware programs or worse.

[edit] Overview

This idea is to allow you to run the same Android based apps on a PC running Windows 8 or MacOS X that you may already use on a Smartphone or Web Tablet. It basically uses a Web Browser to support the emulation.

[edit] Features

With BlueStacks, you can enjoy all your favorite mobile apps and games on your chosen browser on your home computer.

  • Fullscreen sized view of mobile apps and games.
  • Easy To Install & User Friendly
  • Environment you can fully customize.
  • Configured to work across multiple operating systems.
  • Optimized for Mouse and Keyboard use.
  • Optional Syncing between devices.
  • Can use your messaging apps
  • Includes Google Play store with Google login.
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