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Bluefire Reader is a software application for iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. It is ADE based and supports Adobe DRM. It now support Android as well.

[edit] Overview

Readers can use the Get Books feature of Bluefire Reader to browse and search for books from a wide variety of online sources. Once you have found the books you want, simply tap the Buy or Download button and you will be reading your new book in no time.

Features include: brightness control, margin control, night mode, orientation lock, page turn effects, and bookmarks.

[edit] Library books

For those of you that like reading library books, here is a hidden gem in Bluefire Reader. You can go into mobile safari on your iOS device and enter a special link (easier actually if you save that URL in some kind of web page or document where you can tap on it later rather than re-typing each time). It goes like this - in Mobile Safari (or in a URL) type: bluefirereader://nav/web/

example for Seattle Public Library: bluefirereader://nav/web/

When you do this Bluefire Reader should open and you should be able to browse the library site right there inside Bluefire Reader, and when you go to check out a book, it will download directly into the app and you can read it instantly. No side loading silliness necessary. This should work with any Overdrive powered library site.

[edit] For more information

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