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Bookworm is an experimental platform for storing and reading ePUB-format books online. Upload ePUB books to the site, read them online using a web browser or mobile browser, and download them to your portable ereader at any time.

The Bookworm site has been closed since 2012.

[edit] Features

  • True HTML rendering in your browser
  • Automatically-generated TOC based on document metadata
  • Uses legible, clear styles layered over the book's native stylesheets
  • Mobile browser support (especially iPhone and Opera Mobile, but also Kindle Whispernet)
  • Inline image support: PNG, JPG, GIF
  • Generated external link to SVG images

[edit] Coming in November 2008

  • Full-text search including multi-language stemming and boolean operators
  • DAISY DTBook support
  • Additional book-related API support

[edit] For more information -- O'Reilly's Bookworm site. -- O'Reilly's mobile site. -- About Bookworm. -- Walks through uploading eBooks and reading them on the Bookworm site. -- A site in Europe (Italy) to provide more local access in that market.

Using Flash Video in ePUB with bookworm

ibis reader -- Read your ePub books in the cloud or locally on computers or mobile devices.

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