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This page shall contain tweaks and bits of knowledge useful using the Boox M92. References are mostly to threads in the MobileRead forum.

[edit] Tweaks

  • Printing annotated .pdf files & creating annotated pdf files that may be printed by any application: [1]
  • Moving annotated documents in directory structure without (seemingly - they're never really gone) 'losing' annotations: [2]
  • Changing shutdown screen picture: [3] , it'll be displayed when the device is off [4]
  • Changing boot screen picture: [5]
  • Adding files to firmware image before updating: [6] [7] [8]
  • Resetting wifi connectivity configuration: [9]
  • Modifying hyphenation handling in CoolReader: [10], [11]
  • Importing scribbles: [12], [13], [14]
  • Setting custom suspend and shutdown timeouts: [15]
  • Taking screen snapshots and using snapshots as screensaver images: [16]
  • Embolden glyphs, to make pale documents more readable: [17]
  • Converting PDF to DjVu, which is much quicker to flip through on the M92: [18]
  • Automated script for Linux to write the file name of PDFs in the Metadata of the PDFs (works for the entire selected folder): GerryT
  • Link to video on how to use crop modes in paper reading mode: [19]

[edit] Info

  • Compatible Pens: [20] ([21])
  • Regular Wacom pens are _not_ compatible to the M92's Hanvon pad. They use different frequencies. ([22], [23])
  • Though they're doing a good job compensating this effect, it's useful to know when calibrating the device: The tablet locates the sender of the pen - not the tip touching it (the tip's connected to a pressure sensor inside the pen). The angle in which you hold the pen therefore matters (because it changes the offset between the position of the tip and the sender position ;) ). This is an 'issue' (it's not really an issue once you know about it ;) ) inherent to the technology used. (As illustration, consider the explanation linked in this post: [24])... That being said: Very good results are achieved just holding the pen the way you would sketching at the respective location ;) )
  • Scribble document backgrounds are not part of the document until exported - so you may use them to draw something and then replace/remove them safely and export only the sketch ;) [25]
  • (FW 1.7RC 24/02/12) Scribble only allows sketches on the area covered by the background (hence there are seemingly defunct areas if the background image does not fit the screen aspect ratio)... funny enough, Sketches seem to be scaled to the background image's dimensions when backgrounds are changed
  • PDF annotation (.txt) exports are currently (1.7RC 24/02/12) placed into a directory in main memory rather than into the same directory of the original pdf document (will be changed in future fw releases) Gone with FW1.7RC26/03/12)
  • The black M92 seems also to be sold branded as "ICARUS eXceL"
  • Scribble documents (as opposed to the exported files) can be found in /root/notes (useful to know, if one wishes to use peter-x's tool to export them to .svg rather than .png ;) ) [26]
  • Screen refresh setting serves the purpose of battery saving, rather than speed in page flips [27], [28]
  • Some PDFs appear to show only or mostly blank pages on M92. This happens, for example, with public-domain books downloaded from the Internet Archive ( and is due to complex formatting. The solution here is to download a DjVu instead of a PDF version of the file. At the Internet Archive, do not click on the links for 'PDF' or 'DjVu', but select 'All Files: HTTP', then download the DjVu file, if available, from there. This should open flawlessly on the M92.
  • The M92's battery specs are 3.7V and 1.6Ah (5.92Wh) (Lithium-Polymer) [29]
  • M92 battery runtime thread (3.5d of continuous on): [30]
  • iPad2 cases/shells seem to fit the M92 : [31]
  • FBReader is capable of opening zipped files - could be used to load specific epubs in a different reader ;) . [32]
  • Due to licensing issues (IVONA), Arta Tech devices have separate firmware updates [33]
  • SVOX voices should be compatible to the M92 (exception: Arta Tech (IVONA)) [34]
  • Infos about the M92's battery: [35] [36]
  • A serial interface can be accessed using the two pads that are to the right of the SD card slot. [37] Adding no_console_suspend to the boot argument list allows input into the login console. [38]
  • Current VNC version in Ubuntu 12.04 broken and thus incompatible with SerialVNC. [39]
  • a few words about input sources (ttymxc1 vs. touch server) [40]
  • Some PDFs have a problem with annotation exports (concatenated words). Here's a way to cope with these files (unfortunately with non-free software: [41]
  • is NOT Onyx's official website... is... [42]
  • Information about hardkey contols in PDFViewer: [43]
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