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[edit] PDF Manual

  • The manual shipped with Onyx Boox M92 can be downloaded from here.

[edit] Reader Body

Onyx Boox M92 front view
Onyx Boox M92 bottom and back view
Control Function
Power On/Off button - Press the power key to turn device on

- Press the power key and hold for 2 seconds to turn device off, similar as selecting showdown item in menu
- Press the power key and release it immediately, device turns into sleep mode
- Press the power key and release it immediately, device wakes up from sleep mode to unlock screen

MENU button - Press the menu key to pop up the menu

- Similar as tapping menu icon with stylus

BACK button - Return from current application

- Return from current view or dialog
- Turn back to the parent directory

NEXT button - Turn to next screen while viewing document

- Turn to next screen while browsing documents in main view

PREV button - Back to previous screen while viewing document

- Back to previous screen while browsing documents in main view

5-way Navigation Joystick - Navigate items on current screen, e.g. navigate from Library to SD Card by moving joystick.

- Turn back to previous view or forward to next view while reading PDF/ePub documents
- Turn back to previous web page or forward to next page while browsing the website
- Press down the joystick to confirm, like the OK button.

Volume button - Increase the volume by pressing key Vol+

- Decrease the volume by pressing key Vol-
- Take a screenshot (saved to SDROOT/snapshot) by pressing and holding either volume button for five seconds

Headphone Jack - Diameter of the headphone jack is 3.5mm
SD Card Slot - Insert SD card to read the content on SD card
Reset - Reset the device by small pin through the hole, and then press the power button to reboot when the device crash.
USB Connector - Transfer data between BOOX and PC or charging.

[edit] Home Screen

[edit] Recent Documents

Recent Documents

[edit] Internal Storage

Internal Storage

[edit] SD Card

SD Card

[edit] Shortcuts


[edit] Dictionary


[edit] Web Sites

Web Sites

[edit] Wi-Fi Configuration

[edit] Web Browser

[edit] Scribble


Scribble is an application that lets you make quick notes, pictures etc. with the stylus.

In order to make a new scribble select Create Scribble icon, then choose a template for the scribble and you are ready to go.

You can add more templates to SD memory card in notes_template folder.

How to save scribbles? Where are they stored? What format/size do templates have to be in?

[edit] Notes


[edit] Settings


Settings Page

Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-language.png Language Select the desired language. 31 languages are available.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-date.png Date To adjust the date press the Navigation Joystick to move the cursor. Press down the Joystick to confirm.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-default-font.png Default Font Press the Navigation Joystick to select the font and press down to confirm the option.

See also: Installing Fonts

Onyx-boox-m92-settings-preferred-applications.png Preferred Applications You can select different applications for reading, such as Pdf Reader/FB Reader/Cool Reader/Html Reader/Office Reader.

See also: Reading Apps

Onyx-boox-m92-settings-startup-settings.png Startup Settings Select between opening recently read documents or opening the main interface when booting the device.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-screen-update.png Screen Update Set the refreshing rates, make full screen refreshing after reading certain amount of pages, for example, every 3/5/7/9 pages, or always (why would you want to change it?).
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-power-management.png Power Management You can set the time of standby and automatically shut down for the device. If the shutdown time is set, the device won't go into standby anymore. On the other hand, if the standby time is set, the device won't shutdown automatically.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-drm-settings.png DRM Settings ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-format-flash.png Format Flash You can format the internal flash. After doing this operation all of the data in internal flash would be removed (why would you want to do it? what data?).
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-time-zone.png Time Zone Choose your local time zone (why? what will be the implications?).
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-stylus-calibration.png Stylus Calibration If the tip of your stylus does not match with the position on the screen, you can improve the precision with stylus calibration. Follow the guideline displayed on the screen.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-metadata-extracton.png Metadata Extraction ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-view-title-setting.png Title Setting ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-restore-factory.png Restore Factory ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-user-manual.png User Manual A (posibly outdated) user manual.
Onyx-boox-m92-settings-about.png About Displays the technical information about the device such as the firmware version, memory usage etc.

[edit] Applications


[edit] Reading Apps

[edit] PDF Reader

[edit] Toolbar

Always visible at the bottom of the screen.

Toolbar overview

The progress bar indicates how far into the book you are. You can click on it to quickly move earlier/later in the book.

Progress bar

Below is a list of icons that appear on the default toolbar.

Icon Function
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-menu.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-refresh.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-blank-rectangle.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-rotate.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-table-of-contents.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-search.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-dictionary.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-refresh.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-bookmark.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-icons-selector.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-time.png ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-battery.png ...description...

[edit] Main Menu

[edit] Fixed Icons

These icons are always visible in the menu.

Fixed Icons
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-screen rotation.png Rotate Screen ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-exit full screen.png Full Screen ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-music.png Music ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-return to library.png Close ...description...

[edit] Reading Tab

Reading tab overview
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom hide margin.png Page Mode ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom to width.png Scrolling Mode ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom to height.png Comic Mode ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom by two points.png Paper Mode ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom by two points.png Auto Crop ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-backward.png Previous View ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-redo.png Next View ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-goto page.png Go To Page ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-table of content.png Table of Content ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 4.png Glyph Embolden ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom selection zoom.png Customize Zoom ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom to page.png To Page ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom to width.png To Width ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom to height.png To Height ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom selection zoom.png Selection Zoom ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom by two points.png Zoom By Two Points ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-zoom 125.png Zoom By... ...description...

[edit] Page Settings Tab

Page Settings tab overview
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-redo.png Custom Margins ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-redo.png Two Points Margins ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-backward.png Auto Detect Margins ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-backward.png Clear Margins ...description...

[edit] Font Tab

Font tab overview
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-font size item.png xxx% ...description...

[edit] Annotations Tab

Annotations tab overview
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-add annotation.png Add Annotate Drag the stylus across text to annotate it.
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-show all annotations.png Edit Annotations ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-delete annotation.png Erase Annotation Click on an annotation or drag the stylus through it to delete it.
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-show all annotations.png All Annotations Displays a list of all annotations and the corresponding page numbers.
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-show all annotations.png Export Annotations ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch mode sketch.png Sketch Enables sketch mode. You can now write on the screen with the stylus.
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch mode erase.png Erase Sketch Click on a sketch or drag the stylus through it to delete it.
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch color white.png White ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch color black.png Black ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 1.pngOnyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 2.pngOnyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 3.pngOnyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 4.pngOnyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-sketch shape 5.png Shapes ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-scroll page.png Hand Tool ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-retrieve word.png Hide Annotations ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-copy.png Merge Annotations Merges all the sketches or annotations or both? with the document and generates a new PDF file. Where does it save the document to?

[edit] Tools Tab

Tools tab overview
Icon Name Function
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-free text search.png Search ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-dictionary.png Dictionary Lookup ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-tts.png Text to Speech ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-citation mode.png Add Bookmark ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-show all bookmarks.png Show Bookmarks ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-edit.png Reading Options ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-clock tool.png Clock ...description...
Onyx-boox-m92-pdfreader-icon-edit.png Key Mapping ...description...

[edit] FB Reader

[edit] Cool Reader

[edit] Html Reader

[edit] Office Reader

[edit] Music

Music files saved on SD memory card or Internal Storage are displayed in the playlist. The device supports MP3 and WAV files formats.

[edit] Music Player

  • Press the volume button on the bottom of device to adjust the volume level.
  • Press the 5-ways Navigation Joystick to selectprevious/next track and press OK button to confirm.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-pause.png to play/pause the track.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-previous.png to turn to previous track.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-next.png to turn to next track.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-shuffle.png to switch between Repeat/Shuffle/Normal playing modes.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-background.png to turn to enter the Background Music Mode.
  • Press Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-close.png to close the music player.

[edit] Background Music Mode

During music playback, press the Back Button to enter the Background Music Mode, in which you can use the device with playing music.

To exit the mode, select the Music icon on the home screen or press MENU button popup shortcut to enter the music playback screen, and then select Onyx-boox-m92-music-player-close.png to quit music player.

[edit] Customizations

[edit] Firmware Update

Before you proceed make sure device has enough power to finish the software update (at least 2 battery bars displayed) or connect the device to a USB power supply (PC, charger).

You can update the firmware by performing the following steps.

  1. Download the latest update package from Onyx website.
  2. Save the update package on the SD memory card.
  3. Make sure the update package is located in the root directory of the memory card. You do not need to extract the package. Also leave the name of update package as it is.
  4. Insert the SD card into device.
  5. Restart the device and press and hold the OK button (the center of the joystick button). The OK button should be pressed before the device restarts. Hold it until you see the message Software update request detected, checking updates.... The reader updates itself automatically. It will restart once the update finishes.

[edit] Installing Dictionaries

[edit] Installation Procedure

Create a new folder named dicts in the root directory of the memory card (add picture of how root directory looks like).

Download the desired dictionary files to dicts directory. Make sure you download them in the StarDict format (what is this format?).

Open the downloaded file with an archive extractor like winrar or winzip and extract the downloaded dictionary files to the dicts. For every dictionary you should have a separate folder. The final folder structure should look something like this. For dictionary dict_a:

SDROOT / dicts / dict_a / dict_a.ifo
SDROOT / dicts / dict_a / dict_a.idx
SDROOT / dicts / dict_a /

and for another dictionary called dict_b here:

SDROOT / dicts / dict_b / dict_b.ifo
SDROOT / dicts / dict_b / dict_b.idx
SDROOT / dicts / dict_b /

The dictionary will be installed automatically.

Finally, open a file (what file? where? how?) and use the menu (what menu?) to enable the dictionary. Click on a word. Keep trying until it works (huh?).

[edit] Consulting the Dictionary

The Dictionary can be used in a standalone mode after you select it on the Home page of the reader or while reading books by pressing the dictionary look-up icon Onyx-boox-m92-toolbar-dictionary.png on the toolbar.

Once in the dictionary input the keyword in the text box. Press the Navigation Joystick upward/downward to select the desired word in the list. Press the Navigation Joystick rightward/leftward to move the cursor. Press the Dictionaries icon (insert the icon here) to select the desired dictionary. Press the Navigation Joystick to confirm the option and press the BACK Button to exit.

[edit] Installing Fonts

Create a new folder named fonts in root directory of the memory card. Download the desired font files (what format?) in fonts directory and restart the device. The font will be installed automatically (how can you verify?).

[edit] FAQ

  • How can I take a screenshot?
    • Press and hold the 'volume up' or 'volume down' button for five seconds. There is no visual feedback that a screenshot has been taken. Screenshots are saved as PNG files in a directory "snapshot" on the SD card. (Source)
  • How do I...
    • In order to...
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