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What do you want the software to be able to do? Here is the place to put it down.

With respect to bugs:

  • Please annotate bugs and bugfixes with the firmware version of your device (Settings -> About -> About device -> Build number).
    • Bugs in order to help the developers to track down, replicate and fix the issue.
    • Bugfixes in case there is a regression in the future firmware release so that we know which version to rollback to if necessary, useful for both users and developers.

This feature has been implemented
This feature is planned for one of the next updates
This feature will not make it to the M96 via Onyx
This feature has been implemented by an independent developer

If you can, annotate an importance of your requested feature to help developers prioritize:

  • is it a deal breaker?
  • is it something important (e.g. because some tasks are really complicated without it)?
  • is it something you miss occasionally?
  • or is it just a nice-to-have toy option?


[edit] General

[edit] Bugfix requests

  • OTA updates out of date (I was updating from FW 2014-07-01 1.6.0 on 27/10 and OTA offered an update from end of July, whereas the latest Booxtor's update on the forum was from 13/10)
  • Updating from SD Card causes errors. I was installing the update from 2014-10-13 and it would get interrupted with 'validation of signature failed' error or something similar. It was possible to browse the SD Card for the file and continue the process, though.
  • Scrolling with next/prev buttons does not work while browsing saved pages (though it works online) [1]
  • A dealbreaker for me (very important not to lose data and apps) was when I tried to format my external SDCARD and it formatted the internal 4GB storage. Granted the card is 64GB and the manual says up to 32GB, but after formatting on PC in FAT32 format it seems to work fine. BUT, I lost my Ivona TTS along with some other software in the process. >:( Please fix. I want storage for music while I read.
  • On the hardware side, the 3.5mm earphone jack only works with the plug slightly pulled out. Please move the connectors so that it works with cellphone earphones with 4 contact points (mic included). And while you guys are at it, add a mic input so one can use skype. (Ok it's an e-reader - I'd like to use it for other stuff too)

[edit] Feature requests

  • Please add a front light - It's important. External clip-on lights are so unsexy.
  • I would welcome a higher resolution model.

[edit] Onyx Neo Reader

[edit] Bugfix requests

  • (auto) power off erases scribbles [2] (FW 2014-07-01 1.6.0). Seems to have been fixed in (FW 2014-10-13_16_36_dev_662747e).
  • problems with 'Selection' crop [3] (FW 2014-07-01 1.6.0). Seems to have been fixed in (FW 2014-10-13_16_36_dev_662747e).
  • scribble mode switches off randomly while scribbling [4] (FW 2014-10-13 1.6.4)

[edit] Feature requests

  • no dictionaries seem to be available by default [5]. Press 'Home button' -> Dictionary -> top right corner menu -> Dictionary Selection = 'No Dictionary exists'. Also Settings -> Language -> Dictionary -> Dictionary Applications -> OnyxDict and then selecting Dictionary shows nothing but Cancel button (FW 2014-10-13_16_36_dev_662747e)
  • text highlighting does not seem to be available [6] (FW 2014-10-13_16_36_dev_662747e). Such feature was present in M92 in addition to the scribble.
  • possibility to manually refine autocrop/selection zoom [7]
  • possibility to scribble without seeing the scribble bar (line in the M92) [8]
  • icon in settings section that allows to switch to one app of choice and/or possibility to choose different appearence with one line at the bottom or top, where typing and pasting of copied text should be possible, while still being able to navigate through the text
  • add a confirmation pop-up for erasing all the scribbles in the page (with the 'erase single scribble' and 'erase all scribbles' icons positioned next to each other it's far too easy to tap the wrong one)

[edit] Onyx Scribbler

[edit] Bugfix requests

[edit] Feature requests

Export/Import images, save as pdf, png, or jpg form

Directly share to evernote or google drive

Add text from keyboard

Export SVG
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