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CBD Reader is a free download eBook Reader that reads ePub files.


[edit] Overview

CBD Reader is an app available for several platforms, including iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. It supports Adobe DRM. There is also a reader that can run inside a web browser. The browser reader can read any eBook purchased from ChristianBook.com.

[edit] eBooks

The CBD Reader app can import ePub eBooks from any source. It can also receive eBooks using the Adobe Reader DRM scheme. It has a special relationship for ChristianBook.com eBooks and will use ChristianBook.com eBooks as a cloud sync and download library. However, eBooks purchased on this website can also be used with any eBook Reader that supports ePub. DRM eBooks can be used with any eBook Reader that supports Adobe DRM.

Both Religious and Secular books are available from their web site.

[edit] Tips

This eBook reader will follow links but you need to hold your finger down a second or so on the link to keep it from interpreting your touch as a page change.

[edit] For more information

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