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Home page is at WordPress
The calibre2opds project has changed its home, so please update any links and bookmarks appropriately.
The documentation is still hosted here as a wiki on

Welcome from the calibre2opds team!

The calibre2opds tool can generate OPDS and HTML catalogs from the metadata of the Calibre ebook library manager. These catalogs can then be used both to browse your ebook library online and also to download books on demand.

Since Calibre includes its own Content Server you might want to look at our feature comparison to help you chose between them.

With the help of sharing services like Dropbox, the ebook files along with the OPDS and HTML catalogs can be automatically published to the web. The entire ebook collection managed by Calibre can be accessed from any computer running a web browser (we recommend Firefox with the excellent EPUBReader addon), or by an OPDS-compatible ebook reader like MegaReader/QuickReader, Stanza (now deprecated due to its iOS 5 incompatibility) on iOS iphone/iPod/iPad devices or Aldiko on Android devices. If you have a network enabled e-reader device such as a Kindle or Nook then you can have your entire library of books available at any time without having to first download the whole library to the reader.

There is a calibre2opds forum at GetSatisfaction where you can discuss calibre2opds; raise questions; suggest features that you would like to see included in future; or simply or simply tell us what you like or don’t like in the calibre2opds. If you find calibre2opds is not functioning as you expect then feel free to register at Launchpad to raise any bug reports (or feature requests). This mobileread thread whcih preceded the GetSatisfact forum also has a lot of discussion about calibre2opds.

If you need help, look in the Documentation, go to the Answers section of the project site, or email us directly. The documentation is in the form of a Wiki, and users are encouraged to contribute by improving the documentation in light of their own experiences using calibre2opds. There is also a wonderful tutorial by Jane on Dear Author on using calibre2opds in conjunction with Dropbox...

The first thing to do is of course to Download the tool. You can also help developing it by contributing translations, ideas, bug reports...

We hope you’ll have as much fun using this tool as we had writing it !

The currently active calibre2opds team :

  • Dave Walker - ad-hoc programmer; documention & features manager; and tester extraordinaire

Previous contributors who are no longer active in calibre2opds development:

  • David Pierron - main programmer
  • Farid Soussi - html and css guru
  • Brian Szczawinski - web designer
  • Jane Litte - beta tester and moral support
  • Douglas Steele - programmer
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