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What's new in calibre2opds 2.5 ?

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The following are the highlights for the calibre2odps 2.5 release. This release is still in beta phase so the exact contents of the final release are subject to change.

Some of the new features are:


[edit] Already Implemented

There are a lot of small enhancements as well as bug fixes for reported issues. For more detail see the Release Notes that are included with the release.

[edit] Improved Control over Library Images

In the past calibre2opds has generated images that were optimized for use either as covers or as thumbnails for use within the catalog. Those who are space constrained (e.g. DropBox users) ahve asked why the existing Calibre cover.jpg files cannot be re-used for these purposes. The user can now decide on the trade-off they want to make between space or runtime download volume when displaying calibre2opds catalogs.

[edit] Improved User Feedback while Running

calibre2opds has always provided basic feedback at runtime indicating what phase of catalog generation was currently being worked on. However with large libraries some of the phases could take quite a long time to execute. The feedback has now been enhanced to provide more feedback about overall progress.

[edit] Planned

There are a number of features that it hoped will make the final calibre2opds 2.5 release.

[edit] Search facilities within HTML catlogs

This is still being investigated and prototyped. The aim is to allow systems that have browsers with HTML5 support to do searches.

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