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This category shows statistics available for this wiki. For the latest updates see: Daily Statistics. Monthly archives of the top 100 pages by usage are available since March 15, 2010. Note that the top 100 had 16,000 or more views beginning in April 2010. Each file contains a calendar year list by month of the top 100. Use the history button to compare month by month within a year or open two pages in adjacent windows to compare one year with another. You can also use history to view any month of the year that particular page covers. The popular Categories are also listed when they had more views than the top 100 pages.

Click for a list of Popular Pages for the currently popular pages in the main namespace. There is also a history of the more popular categories at MobileRead:Community Portal#Categories. Again the history button can show changes for that section.

The Top 100 pages had all exceeded 20,000 views in June 2011. By May 2012 the page views exceeded 30,000 views. In November 2014 the 40,000 view milestone was reached.

The Wiki pages by year have always included the top 100 pages from the main section plus any category pages within the top 100. Beginning with 2015 the Community Portal and Help pages are also being included since their activity is also within the top 100 pages.

For 2017 all of the top 100 pages exceeded 50,000 views by April, and by the end of the year, reached to 107 pages total plus 6 additional (4 Category, Help, and the Community Portal).

The Page Statistics shows detailed information on each page with greater than 100,000 views. It is kept up to date as page usage changes.

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