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Comic Reader Pro from Fantastic Sofwware is a program for displaying comic books in the CBR and CBZ formats. It will also display any folder of images.

[edit] Overview

Comic Reader Pro is designed around the principal that nothing should get in the way of your viewing.

  • It always runs in full screen mode so you aren't distracted by other open windows. It does not waste screen space displaying an unnecessary toolbar.
  • You don't have to point the mouse to a scrollbar to scroll - the mouse always scrolls. You don't have to point to an icon to advance to the next page - the left mouse button always turns the page (and the middle button turns back a page.) Keyboard controls are also available.
  • You can adjust to a comfortable zoom level with smooth scaling, then when you come to a full page spread simply hold right mouse button down to snap out to full page view.

Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X Leopard. (Email support at Fantastic Software and let them know if anyone is still interested in a version for Tiger.)

[edit] For more information - Comic book Reader.

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