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The DAISY Pipeline is a project of the DAISY Consortium - creating a better way to publish and a better way to read, for everyone, everywhere.


[edit] Overview

The DAISY Pipeline is a framework for XML- and DTB-related transformations. As such, it can be employed in various contexts, relating to both content creation and distribution.

The actual functionality within the DAISY Pipeline is provided by several collaborating organizations. Most contributions are open source, and reside at the DAISY Pipeline Sourceforge project.

There is both a GUI and a Command line interface available.

The three terms Script, Job and Transformer are central to understanding how the DAISY Pipeline works.

  • Script - Scripts are used to drive the DAISY Pipeline. A script encapsulates a series of operations (transformers) that are applied to the input data of each job.
    • The DAISY Pipeline ships with a series of predefined Scripts; in addition, advanced users can create their own Scripts with refinements and/or variations on the predefined Scripts.
    • Documentation for the predefined Scripts exists in the Documentation Perspective.
  • Transformer - Each Script contains one or several Transformers that are applied in sequence on the input data. When a Job is being run, you can see which Transformers are actually used in the Progress View.
    • Understanding how Transformers work is really only needed when you are creating your own Scripts. If you are happy and content with the predefined scripts, you need not worry about Transformers.
  • Job- When you have selected a script to run, assigned what input data the script should use, configured details of the script's behavior, and selected where the output should be placed, you have created a Job.

[edit] Platforms

This is a Java application and has an API as well as end-user applications.

Pipeline with its cross-platform GUI:

  • DAISY Pipeline GUI for Windows
  • DAISY Pipeline GUI for Mac OS X
  • DAISY Pipeline GUI For Linux
  • DAISY Pipeline GUI For Windows WPF (early access)

[edit] Available Scripts

  • Audio Tagger
  • Character Repertoire Manipulator
  • Charset Switcher
  • Configurable Validator
  • DTB Audio Encoder
  • DTB Audio Encoder Renamer Splitter
  • DTB Audio Encoder Splitter
  • DTB Forward Migrator [BETA]
  • DTB Merger
  • DTB Splitter
  • DTBook Fix
  • DTBook Migrator
  • DTBook to RTF
  • DTBook to XHTML
  • DTBook Validator
  • Daisy 2.02 DTB Light Validator
  • Daisy 2.02 to Z3986-2005
  • EPUB Creator
  • EpubCheck
  • Fileset Generator - Daisy 2.02 Text-Only [BETA]
  • Fileset renamer
  • Image Converter
  • Narrator
  • OCF Creator
  • Pretty Printer
  • Renamer Tagger Validator
  • RTF to DTBook
  • RTF to XHTML
  • Unicode Normalizer
  • WordML to XHTML
  • WordML to DTBook
  • XHTML to DTBook [BETA]
  • DAISY/NISO DTB Validator

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