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As of November 2010 the Copia eBook readers have been canceled however the social reading features from the site are continuing. They have free reader downloads for Windows and iPad.


[edit] Overview

Copia intends to be the first social eBook experience. This is accomplished through automatic syncing. No matter how or where you purchase a book, with Copia, your eReader, desktop library and online account sync automatically. The same goes for your notes, highlights, bookmarks, comments and conversation. These can be shared among Copia users.

DMC Copia had planned 6 new eBook readers but these have been canceled. There were 3 in the Ocean Series and 3 in the Tidal Series.

[edit] Common features

These units feature the SiPix display

  • Crisp ePaper display with 16 shades of gray
  • Capacitive touchscreen or QWERTY soft keypad
  • Formats: ePUB, PDF
  • Up to 4 GB internal storage with optional Micro SD card
  • WiFi on most models, G3 on some models
  • USB connectivity all models
  • Long-life battery good for up to two weeks
  • PC software available for managing the device and networking.

Social Features

  • Connect to your existing social networks
  • Add past, present and future reads to your library
  • See live notifications from your friends
  • Stay up to date on group activity
  • Students can form study groups and keep track of coursework
  • Share notes, highlights and bookmarks

[edit] BookStore features

  • Browse one of the largest eBookstores
  • Download from long list of free titles
  • Search electronic books, magazines and newspapers
  • Buy titles via eReader, Copia desktop and website

[edit] The models

Not much data yet but the whole family is shown at All models have basically the same internal electronics.


[edit] Ocean Series

The ocean series is a rectangular device that has:

  • one 6" with 600x800 pixel 16 level gray scale display
  • two 9" models with 768x1024 16 level gray scale display
  • 4 way tilt sensor
  • capacitive Touch screen.
  • Wifi 802.11b/g, the deluxe 9" also has 3G.
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • micro SDHC slot.
  • MP3 player, the deluxe 9" has built in stereo speakers
  • microphone and headphone jack.

[edit] The Tidal Series

These 3 units have slightly curved sides and come in 3 colors (black, white, red). They are all 6" devices. The dimensions are 124 x 170 x 8.9 mm. They have the same features as the Ocean models except:

[edit] Tidal

  • 2 GB of internal memory
  • a thumb keyboard instead of a touch screen.
  • No WiFi
  • No tilt sensor
  • no microphone
  • no SD card slot
  • no audio

[edit] Tidal Touch

  • Same as equivalent Ocean.

[edit] Tidal 3G

  • adds 3G

[edit] OEMs

The Copia Platform — the engine that drives the Community, Marketplace and eReaders — is available for third-party licensing with recurring revenue opportunities. Copia on more devices means more people reading together.

[edit] For more information

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