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Delstar DS1005/1006 e-Book Reader is an color LCD eBook Reader available in either Black or White.

[edit] Overview

The Delstar “Open Book” eBook Reader stores up to 700 eBooks. It can also function as an Mp3 Player, Picture Viewer. The DS1005 & DS1006 e-Book readers boast a 1 GB Internal Memory and have a standard SD Card Slot. These eBook readers have a Rechargeable Battery and a Carrying Case is included.

  • Manual available for download from the Delstar site.
  • Does not read DRM eBooks.
  • requires dedicated folders; Books, Music, Pictures.
  • automatic page flip feature.
  • 3 font sizes, custom colors; Black, Blue, Red.
  • Calendar/clock, audio recorder
  • supports bookmark and goto page functions.
  • While not mentioned in the manual it is reported to support Divx video files.
  • Does not support any formatting (bold, italic, font sizes) in books

The buttons include the next/prev page buttons on either side and a row of buttons on the bottom. There are, left to right, power, zoom, directional pad, mode (menu), and return/cancel. The power button doubles as a rotate screen button. Hold it down for 3 seconds to power up/down.

The mic and speaker are on the back.

This product is NOT compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, which means you can not read books borrowed from the library on it. Furthermore, the website is no longer available, neither is their toll free number. From all attempts I have made, this company is no longer running. Therefore, if you have any problems, you are on your own.

[edit] Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4" x 5.9" x .44" (10.2 x 15.0 x 1.1 cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 oz (0.19 kg)
  • 5 inch color LCD TFT screen
    • 800x480 Resolution (wide screen format)
    • Adjustable Screen Orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • 1GB Internal Memory
  • Standard SDHC Card Slot (16 GB maximum) - In another place the manual says only 2GB.
  • Resizable fonts
  • Battery type: Built in Li Polymer (1800 mAH)
    • Up to 8 hour battery life in E-Reader mode
    • not user replaceable.
  • USB and DC power inputs.
  • Images: JPEG, GIF and BMP
  • Music: MP3, WMA, FLAC, and AAC
    • Music Effects: Rock, Classic, Pop, Bass, and Jazz
  • Stores approx. 700 Ebooks
  • Skip, Read, Save, Bookmark, and Delete Bookmarks
  • microphone input for recording. (WAV, thus WAV must also be supported.)
  • headphone jack and built in speaker.
  • Although this function does not show up in the menus, it will also play AVI and some MP4 video files

[edit] For more information

This unit is likely designed and manufactured by Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing Co. LTD.

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