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Docx2Rtf - freeware file converter for MS Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files with partial formatting. Can also open, view and print - PDF, Html and Rtf files.

[edit] Overview

A program to convert Word Doc files, Word 2007 Docx and Dotx, OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files to the universal rtf format without needing MS Office 2007 or OpenOffice installed. Docx2Rtf can also open, view and print - pdf, html, rtf, txt files even with unicode. It also can convert PalmOS Database Documents (*.pdb) and Aportis (*.prc). It can view common images, even multi-page TIF files.

Text can be extracted from DOC and PDF files and even WordPerfect files. It can be run with a GUI or from the command line.

Output can be RTF or PDF or to a printer. This program can rearrange pages or remove pages from the output.

[edit] Command line syntax

  • Docx2Rtf -a filename will automatically convert filename to a .rtf file. If the filename contains spaces then enclose its name in quotes.
  • Docx2Rtf -f dirname [filetype] will automatically convert the docx files in folder dirname to .rtf files.
  • to convert other file types include the filetype such as odt after the dirname or filename.
  • A third argument of pdf can be given to output pdf files instead of rtf. In this case the second argument is required and can be docx, odt, etc.

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