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Dolby is the name given to an audio compression technology. It has several versions with differing features.


[edit] Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital is the name for what has now become a family of audio compression technologies developed by Dolby Laboratories. A favorite is Dolby AC-3 which used to be synonymous with Dolby Digital. Another version is Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3).

[edit] Dolby Atmos

This technique adds a feature of feeling like you are immerced in with the sound.

[edit] Dolby Vision Cinema

  • Deeper connection - Step into the scene of your favorite shows and the best movies. Connect more deeply with the characters and story when you experience your entertainment in Dolby.
  • Premium, immersive entertainment - Take the best shows and movies to the next level with the immersive sound of Dolby AtmosĀ® and ultravivid picture of Dolby VisionĀ® for a premium entertainment experience.

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