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[edit] About

This is a collection of software that will allow you to download Newspapers / Magazines / Books directly from your iLiad while you are on the move, with out the need for a PC (as long as the iLiad has internet access).

[edit] Requirements

Before you can install any of the following software you need to request shell access from iRex.

[edit] Newspapers

[edit] Guardian24

Country: UK

Guardian24 downloads the World, Business, Media, Sport and Top Stories sections, in PDF format, of the The Guardian Newspaper

[edit] 20 Minutoes

Country: Spain

20 Minutoes downloads a PDF versions of the free Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos

[edit] Magazines

[edit] (in)SECURE

(in)SECURE Magazine downloads the latest issue of inSECURE directly to your iLiad

[edit] Books

[edit] iNewsStand

iNewsStand allows you to download free books and rss feeds from

[edit] RSS

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