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eBooksWriter is a program by Visual Vision used to write eBooks for publication on a Windows PC.

[edit] Overview

EBooksWriter is perfect for beginners, yet contains many high powered features. You can create fancy pages in minutes, because you don’t need to learn all available functions, nor all the dialogs to start taking advantage of its power.

EbooksWriter is a comprehensive visual tool for making and managing Ebooks. EbooksWriter’s intuitive easy-start environment requires no more technical skills than a common word processor, but it allows frames, styles, colored tables, hot spots, visual link placement, immediate browsing, and many other powerful options. You work on the whole document, for editing, archive, publishing and even for searches and revisions.

EBooksWriter works on MS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, XP SP2 and Vista. It is fast. It requires no more than an old Pentium I 100 MHz with 32M RAM and 32M of free Hard Disk space. It is available in a free lite edition and a purchased pro version.

The program import and export RTF, TXT, and DOC files. It can also import simple HTML document (no tables). It support templates to aid in creating documents and styles can be used to standardize formatting.

[edit] Production

A cover image can be created for the eBook.

To produce a self contained file you first create the links for the table of contents and then select the SFX output. A self extracting file will be created that includes a reading program called eBooksReader, a license file, and the eBook itself with an AEH extension.

[edit] eBooksReader

The reader is included automatically in the production process using eBooksWriter. It is a Windows program used to read the eBooks. It provides the a print feature, search, copy to clipboard, zoom, eBook traversal and annotation capability. The program is typically in the same folder as the file after installation of the eBook. It does not require a separate installation. One copy of the program can be used to read and manage several eBooks.

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