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Tom's eTextReader is a free reader program and available from It is a program that lets you read plain text files - e.g. eTexts as provided by Project Gutenberg - in a book-like manner.

[edit] Introduction

eTextReader is a program for Microsoft Windows based PC's. It displays a two page layup of eText that mimics a book. It includes the ability to edit the document, generate TOC, and generate a title page. It can also browse the Project Gutenberg web site and download books.

Window size, font style and font size are selectable; page breaks are inserted automatically. You can set bookmarks, find words or phrases, or edit the text with an internal text editor. A table of contents can be created automatically. Import text from different file types, including RTF and HTML, and open files directly from zip archives. There is also a 'Find text in files' tool, page history as in web browsers

[edit] Features

  • editor
  • Downloading tool for Project Gutenberg files
  • file formats include MS Word and PalmDOC
  • Appending/joining multiple files
  • Additional book information stored
  • RTF and HTML import
  • English and German versions available

[edit] How it works

Removes formatting on imported files. Formatting and customization is stored in an ini file that is used with the book to display margins, toc, markups, bookmarks, etc.

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