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This page is dedicated to a general overview of "Ebooks" and the relevant information needed to start exploring the related technology. (This page is being kept for historic reasons. Use the eBooks link for newer information.


[edit] Definitions

an electronic document that maintains most of the formating characteristics of traditional books.
an electronic version of any printed work
a device dedicated to reading electronic documents
Ebook Reader
a device dedicated to reading electronic documents (see Ebook)
software written to read electronic document formats.

Also known as eBook, and E-Book

[edit] Overview

Ebooks, and the surrounding culture are interested with anything electronic and text based. Its acolytes are focused on such pursuits as open intellectual property, well archived accessible data, or things as simple as reading with one hand in the bathtub. The idea to ponder is, what happens when all texts is accessible electronically, and is viewable anywhere.

[edit] History

From the Library of Alexandria, to the Library of Congress, humans seem to have a fascination with collecting information. As computers became part of the social consciousness engineers began to create devices that were relatively small, and had access to near limitless information. As computers have become smaller, people have continued to try and collect as much information as possible... Now some even want it to fit in their pocket, or on their key chain.

[edit] Trends

  • birth of computers
  • first "internets"
  • prodigy / online encyclopedia
  • earily PDAs and digital bibles
  • Palm OS
  • ebooks of the late 90s
  • tablet pcs
  • e-ink devices

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Current Problems

[edit] Near Future Projection

[edit] Other Resources

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