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Mozilla is an organization that supports web browsing and other projects. See Mozilla developer for lots of good data on the world wide web and how it works.


[edit] Web Browsers et. al.

Mozilla produces several products including Email programs (Thunderbird) and Web Browsers. Browsers created by Mozilla include the now defunct Netscape, and current FireFox, and SeaMonkey (which emulates Netscape). The Netscape email support is now rolled into SeaMonkey using a modified Thunderbird. Mozilla has also announced Common Voice as a multi-lingual database of transcribed recordings.

[edit] Downloads

  • Firefox available in 90 languages and for all major platforms.
  • SeaMonkey - replacement for Netscape based on Thunderbird and Firefox. Available for desktop OS's (Windows, MacOS, and Linux)
  • Thunderbird email handler application. Available for desktop OS's.

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[edit] Support

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