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FLEx Lighting is a company that has developed a way to edge light an E-paper screen. This feature will allow eBooks be used in a dark environment without external book lights.

[edit] Overview

Flex light uses a frontlight instead of a backlight. This is done by laminating a FLEx Illuminated Optical Film layer over the top of the screen which is then lit using 1 or 2 LED's. The film behaves like a light guide. It will also work with color displays and can be turned on or off as needed. FLEx’s light guide film is completely invisible when turned off yet produces a soft, uniform glow for front lighting reflective displays, such as eBook readers. It will only add .05mm to the thickness of the display.

The technology can also be used as an LED backlight for LCD displays. The layer is flexible and foldable. It does not require a border cover as there are no hot spots to hide.

[edit] For More Information

http://www.theverge.com/2011/12/14/2634124/flex-lighting-film-e-ink-reader CES 2012 news

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