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Freedom Scientific is a company located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. They make software and hardware products for the visually impaired and for other disabilities.

[edit] Mission statement

To develop, manufacture, and market technology-based products that provide equal access to information and computing for those with vision impairments or learning disabilities.

[edit] Products

  • PAC Mate Omni™ accessible Pocket PC
  • PAC Mate™ Portable Braille Displays
  • JAWS® screen reading software using a synthesized voice, can also output to a refreshable Braille display.
  • MAGic® screen magnification software
  • MAGic SMA Renewal Form
  • OpenBook™ scanning and reading software
  • Focus Braille Displays
  • Focus 40 Blue Wireless Bluetooth Braille Display
  • FSReader - DAISY player/reader
  • WYNN is the innovative literacy software tool designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties.
  • Ruby and Sapphire are portable video magnifiers with up to 16X magnification.
  • Desktop computer magnifier
  • Camera based magnifiers
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