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Haali Reader is an eBook reader for Windows and Windows Mobile. The site links are in Russian but the product supports English as well.

[edit] Features

  • Supports FB2, plain text and XML files (stripping tags and leaving plain text).
  • Cyrillic encodings support with auto-detection.
  • Last viewed position in file is saved on exit.
  • ClearType support.
  • Any font/size can be selected.
  • Fullscreen and landscape mode.
  • Colors can be adjusted.
  • Text search.
  • Dictionary support. Tapping a word opens a translation window.
  • Automatic hyphenation (Russian language only).
  • Table of contents and bookmarks
  • Multiple columns support (1-4)
  • PRC/PDB files support for PalmDOC (plain text and XML only, HTML is not supported).
  • Builtin ZIP archives support.
  • Autoscroll (controlled from keyboard/buttons only, settings are in Options->Buttons).

[edit] Forks

There exists a HaaliReader fork called "HaaliReader mod (Alan and kld)" which emerged after stalling development of main branch. This mod features several new features.

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