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[edit] How to install FBReader on the V3?

LunohoD (OpenInkpot contributor), recently ported FBReader to the original firmware for Hanlin V3. His instructions are on MobileRead.

Below is a copy:

  • Download the modified V3 firmware. This can be obtained from the thread above. (I'm not linking the files as not sure if the URLs will change)
  • Connect the V3 to your PC
  • Create a directory in the internal flash named 'lib'
  • Copy the modified library into the /lib/ directory: libfb2.so

Once this has been done, books should then open with the FBReader plugin. If you want to open other documents using the FBReader plugin, simply compress (using a Zip-compatible application) and rename them to book.fb2.zip. For example...

book_one.rtf -> book_one.fb2.zip
book_two.prc -> book_two.fb2.zip

Font preferences can be modified using configuration file in the hidden .FBReader directory: /home/.FBReader/ui.xml

A sample ui.xml follows...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <group name="Indicator">
    <option name="FontSize" value="6"/>
    <option name="Height" value="10"/>
    <option name="Offset" value="3"/>
    <option name="ShowTOCMarks" value="true"/>
  <group name="Style">
    <option name="Base:fontFamily" value="Arial"/>

    <option name="Base:fontSize" value="10"/>
    <option name="Base:lineSpacingPercent" value="100"/>
    <option name="Section Title:fontFamily" value="Times New Roman"/>
    <option name="Section Title:fontSize" value="2"/>
    <option name="Title:fontFamily" value="Times New Roman"/>
    <option name="Title:fontSize" value="4"/>
    <option name="Regular Paragraph:firstLineIndentDelta" value="25"/>
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