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The following pictures of the Hanlin V5 (Actually an EZ Reader Pocket PRO) were made by user:RichyRich. The discussion is at: EZ Reader Pocket Pro disassembled

**WARNING: Disassembling your EZ Reader Pocket PRO will void your warranty. 
           Do so at your own risk!!**

Be sure you have properly statically discharged yourself and wash your hands thoroughly if you are going to disassemble your Pocket Pro.

The screw holes on the back are covered by rubber grommets. He used a small precision flat tip screwdriver to pry them out. Here's a picture of the back without the rubber grommets.


After Removing the 4 screws, battery cover, and battery, with the front laying face down on the desk, he pried the cover, starting from the lower right and worked my way up the right side first, then went top right to top left.

Here are pictures of the circuit board inside.


Eink Screen - Notice that there's still an image despite no battery


Inside of back casing


Inside of front casing


To get the circuit board out, you will need to remove the 2 screws on the left side and gently pry the black plastic away from the top notches on the from inside of the front casing. The E Ink screen is held in place in two sections and by the ribbon cable that is attached to the circuit board, so be sure to gently keep it together with the black plastic holding the circuit board as you lift it out.

As you can see by the picture of the inside front casing, the keys are all held in place by plastic welds, so they are non removable, so it would be best to take care around all the buttons.

When you reassemble the E Ink display and the front casing, be sure the black plastic slips in under the two notches on the left.

On reassembling the front and back casing, be sure to insert the reassembled front into the headphone hole first on the back casing, making sure the jog dial will slide into the proper space as well and possibly even gently pry up the top of the unit near the power button to make sure it contacts it properly.

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