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Hiebook Reader

Hiebook Reader

  • Made by: Korea eBook
  • Released: 2001
  • Predecessor: none
  • Languages Supported: English
  • File Types Supported: KML, TXT, DOC, HTML, MP3



  • Reading direction can be rotated 4 directions.
  • Supports a variety of contents such as eBooks, comics, audio books, text files, html files, DOC files, etc.
  • Improved convenience in turning pages in various ways, such as buttons and touch-screen
  • Easy to carry and you can read more than 12 hours with one-time charging.
  • Repeat selected songs.
  • Download about 3 music files in a minute using USB connection port.
  • Designed to be easily handled and the touch-screen buttons make it even easier.
  • Memory can be easily extended using SMC (Smart Media Card-up to 128MB)
  • Save and display pictures of your family, friends and other image files using the Image Viewer.


  • Size 115.4mm x 146mm x 17mm (about the size of a paperback)
  • Weight about 250g (8.8 ounce, battery included)
  • Display - 5.6" FSTN LCD
    • Resolution 480 x 320 pixels
    • 16 gray scale
    • Backlit
    • Touch Screen
  • Memory - 16MB Flash Memory, 8MB RAM
    • SMC (for 3.3V) Slot for memory expansion - adds to internal memory
  • Battery Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Interface USB Port, Microphone
  • Operation System emOS (their own OS)

Using the Hiebook

A PC program is included that includes a Reader and a library tool. The library tool can be used to download eBooks to the device.


This unit was designed and made in Korea. At one time Godspeed Computing made a customized version of the Hiebook called eBible that included Bible Study books. This was a special firmware upgrade. Both the units are out of production.

See Also

See the Hiebook Review for history and all the details on this product.

Included Functions

Hiebook Reader

Enables you to read eBooks, textbooks, comics, in fact any documentation, and you can create your own content if you wish. It supports audio books along with many other functions such as bookmarks, keeping previous page, memo, find, page rotation and hyperlinks.

Music (MP3 Player)

To free you from the inconvenience of carrying around a book and a MP3 player separately, Hiebook supports MP3 player. You can enjoy reading eBooks while listening to your favorite music.


Instantly record your thoughts and ideas or use it to record meetings and conferences. Great for checking your own voice and pronunciation.


The larger screen helps you organize your schedule more efficiently than is possible with dedicated PDA's. You can keep track of your month/day/time schedule, anniversary and lunar calendar, etc..

Address Book

You can store various information and notes, and search is available. Also, if you wish to share data with your PC, just sync your address data with Outlook Express via the hisync program .

Drawing Memo

You can write down memos just as you do on paper using the stylus pen. Also useful when drawing an outline map easily and quickly.

Text Memo

You can enter data by using pop-up keyboard or handwriting recognition. It is great for taking notes and quickly entering phone numbers and appointments. Also, you can edit TXT files delivered from PC to hiebook.

Image Viewer

You can download various types of image files from your PC. You can display your personal photos, maps loaded from the internet and other images.


General purpose calculator for everyday use.

Play Games

Play games and listen to music while traveling or resting. Includes Othello, puzzle, Sokoban, Omok.

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