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This is a Wiki table of MobileRead users who bought the iRex iLiad device. Ordering is by combining approximate reception date and order number.

Please see also iLiad Geeks on Frappr and register there.

The alpha users did got their box directly from iRex in early testing. The beta batch is a set of ten box sent via UPS but manually.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for Software updates and additions, add them to the Whishlist.

[edit] Firsts

First hacked machine: Tribble

First broken machine: Riocaz

First second-handed machine: onceways

First rotated display: DHer

First bricked machine: DHer

First damaged package: ath

First Java VM compiled: scotty1024 (See the Forum Thread)

First Email sent and received: Nergal

[edit] The iLiad crowd

User City Country Order number Status, or Delivery date Serial No. Photo, blog page, etc.
Henricat Portugal alpha tester hand delivered, March?
CommanderROR Wuerzburg Germany 470, beta batch 13th july Flickr
Sischa Dortmund and Essen Germany 13th July
ThinkNeXT Hamburg Germany 399 13th July
Tribble Bonn Germany 349 14th July ER0100000CC3-24 [1]
R2D2 Karlsruhe Germany 324 17th July Photos Video
Icewalker Brannenburg Germany 22 September, 2007
Haggi Zurich Switzerland 339 Arrived 4 August, 2006
onceways London 346 in transit?, 19th July
Schouwtje2 Kudelstaart Netherlands 367 18th July ER0100000DD6-24
Pitchfork Fuengirola Spain 372 19th July ER0100000D07-24
ali Berlin Germany 383 17th July [2]
don-redhorse Kaarst Germany 14-16th July
Riocaz London 388 In transit (export scan, 00:19am 18/07/06)
Mike Cambridge UK 402 In transit, 19th July
kwizmaster Meerbusch - Düsseldorf 410 13th July Augenblicke
stinky ox Pencader Wales 414 18th July ER0100000D08-24 Baaa!
wiljo Flensburg and Berlin Germany 418 14th July Flickr
EbookSince2002 420
nidsche Mönchengladbach Germany 463 13th July
Kristoffer July?
poir46 London England 497 Shipping started - order will be shipped on July 20th
Axel Roest Amsterdam Netherlands 498 Arrived July 20th, 2006 ER0100000D92-24
oliverbogler Houston, TX USA 500 July 26 Fansite
yokos Germany 501 July 21st
Tscherno Regensburg Germany 505 July 20th
antonio_uk London UK 508 July 21st
vvoi666 Germany 510 Paid not shipped
herve Paris France 511 delivered on July 20th
deadite66 Great Yarmouth United Kingdom 512 21st July ER0100000E5E-24
masc Bregenz Austria 513 21th July
LittleTalker Madrid Spain 514
High 5 Nieuw Lekkerland Netherlands 518 Arrived 20th July ER0100000D6D-24 The Unofficial Holland FAQ
parzifal Bremen Germany 526 Paid not shipped
arivero Zaragoza Spain 582 24th July
DHer Dresden Germany 589 still for repair
Antartica Madrid Spain 590 Arrived 24th July ER0100000DEC-24
ElaHuguet Palma de Mallorca Spain 592 24th July ER0100000D9D-24 BB Spanish
Kakyou Tokyo Japan 594 Paid not shipped (delay due to Japanese shipping address) KWDD
jæd London UK 601 Received 25 July
pitcher23 NY USA 602 Shipping started "Your order will be shipped on July 24th"
TheGreatGonzo Cincinnati USA 605 July 24th ER0100000D59-24
firekat Oakland California 615 Delivered approximately 1630 GMT 24 July 2006
Roland 617
LauretteBradley Cumberland, RI USA 619 Delivered August 7
VillageReader Bratenahl Ohio 620
MikeB Birmingham United Kingdom 622 Shipping started "Your order will be shipped on July 24th
each Orlando US 624 Paid not shipped
Hill (markiehill) UK 625 Arrived 21 July
Rimbaud San Diego US 628 Shipping started (Order will be shipped July 24th)
jackbrown San Francisco US 640 Delivered July 29th
jsc Boston USA 673 Shipping started (Order will be shipped July 24th)
zak Vienna Austria 685 July 27th (due to UPS failing to deliver for three days)
haraldb Fürth Germany 713 24th July
rlauzon Grand Rapids, MI USA  ??? Arrived ER0100000D87-24 [3]
pgood4 734
anorak Birmingham UK 736 Arrived 7th August [ordered: 18th July]
nvtsky East coast USA 796 Shipping 2 August
two dogs Shell Cove Australia 851 Arrived 11th August
Paethon Innsbruck Austria 856 Will arrive on 7th of August [Shipping:on 2nd August] [Paid, not shipped: 26th July] [ordered: 19th July]
mtech Singapore Singapore 858 Shipping 2 August
tofuman near Seoul Korea 859 07/19/2006 Order comfirmed, processing
07/26/2006 Paid not shipped
08/01/2006 Shipping started
08/09/2006 Arrived
ruhr70 Essen Germany 890 Arrived 4 August, 2006
Ralph Bern Switzerland 900 Arrived 4th August
HarryO Sydney Australia 919 Shipping 2 August
kusmi Zurich Switzerland 929 07/26/2006 Paid not shipped - 08/11/2006 Shipping started - 08/14/2006 arrived
Alexis Hoboken,NJ US 938 Delivery due Aug 15
shonk Philly USA 968 August 14 selling waves
Drops Germany 987 Order comfirmed, processing
08/01/2006 Paid not shipped
Jamesarm97 South Carolina USA 1000 21 July, 2006 Order comfirmed, processing; 08/01/2006 Paid not shipped ILiad arrived 16th August 2006 The Armstrongs Blog
Moonraker Essex UK 1005 21 July, 2006 Order comfirmed, processing; 08/01/2006 Paid not shipped; ILiad arrived 16th August 2006 -- Yippee!!
El Chupacabra Spain 1028 07/23/2006 Order not comfirmed; 07/23/2006 Order comfirmed, processing; 08/01/2006 Paid not shipped; 08/11/2006 Shipping started; Your order will be shipped on August 15th. Mine finally! ER010000 1065-24
astfgl Townsville Australia 1034 23 July Order comfirmed, processing
1 August Paid not shipped
Your order will be shipped on August 15th.
Shipped 11/08/2006.
ETA 21/08/2006.
Arrived 15/08/2006
H Tokyo Japan 1059 07/25/2006 Order comfirmed, processing
08/01/2006 Paid not shipped
08/11/2006 Shipping started
delivered on 08/15/2006
hjt Utrecht Netherlands 1066 25 July, 2006 Order comfirmed, processing; 08/01/2006 Paid not shipped 08/11/2006 Shipping started
08/15/2006 delivered
Abbé Heidelberg Germany 1085 07/26/2006 Order comfirmed, processing;
08/01/2006 Paid not shipped;
08/11/2006 Shipping started, will be shipped Aug 15;
08/15/2006 delivered
b_k Kreuztal Germany 1128 31 July, 2006 Order confirmed, processing
Your order will be shipped on August 15th.
Delivered 15th August!
Reinhard Düsseldorf Germany 1133 08/11/2006 Shipping started -> delivery 15 Aug
ynceraj East Coast USA 787 delivery was on 7 Aug
Henning Grevenbroich Germany 1097 08/15/2006 Delivered!!
Andre Biezenmortel Netherlands 1163 08/15/2006 delivered. ER0100000D47-24
verbosus Sassuolo, Modena Italy 08/22/2006 delivered.
Cyprezz Lyon France 1416 08/30/2006 Order comfirmed, processing
Wis Bamberg, Bavaria Germany 1347 08/22/2006 Order not comfirmed
08/22/2006 Order comfirmed, processing
08/28/2006 Order comfirmed, processing
(license code MyScript)
08/31/2006 Shipping started
design256 Ipswich UK 1226 08/30/2006 Delivered!!
#!chris Bochum, NRW Germany 10/09/2006 Order not comfirmed - 10/09/2006 Order comfirmed, processing - 10/13/2006 Shipping started, 10/17/2006 delivered
Goody New Jersey USA 2191 Oct 14, 2006 Order
11/02/2006 Shipping started, 11/06/2006 delivered
ER0100 001357-24
Aldus Nantes France 1464 09/04/2006 Order confirmed, processing - 09/08/2006 Shipping started, 09/15/2006 delivered
Darkedict Berkeley, CA USA 2191 Jan 13, 2007 Order
Jan 20, 2007 delivered
lloydt Santa Cruz, CA USA 1335 received 5-Sept-2006
klangner Gdańsk Poland Received 22-January-2007
Cubitus Hattingen Germany Received 07-March-2007
maxim75 Sydney Australia Received 27-December-2006
mavin Seattle, WA USA NA Received 07-March-2007
bought second-hand on ebay
Tokkeh The Hague Netherlands  ?? Ordered 22-February-2007
Received mid-March 2007
realityloop Melbourne Australia 10220 Ordered March 28
Recvd April 10 2007
nkelle Near Mönchengladbach Germany 10940 Ordered June 11
Recvd June 13 2007
Zolo Eger Hungary 11006 Ordered Jun 15
Recvd jun 20 2007
Blue Steenokkerzeel Belgium 11378 Ordered July 23 (evening)
Recvd July 25 2007
mhollens Cologne Germany 11398 Ordered July 25 (evening)
Delivered July 27 2007
hkabir New Zealand 11621 Ordered August 17
Delivered August 23, 2007
Bugs007 Culemborg Netherlands 12052 Ordered Thursday October 4 (evening)
Delivered with UPS October 7, 2007 (evening)
awi Amsterdam Netherlands 12069 Ordered octobre 6
DeliveredOctobre 11, 2007
kurifu Calgary, AB Canada Ordered Monday October 26
Delivered November 2, 2007
-Thomas Münster Germany Ordered: 12/12/07
Received: 12/13/07
Dan Blanchard Newark, DE USA Received (gift) December 25, 2007 010140002000000000012932
Axel77 Vienna Austria 3th March, 2008
SinMan Alcorcón Spain 28th March, 2008 ER0100000E01-24 eBay used item
Shafa Sydney Australia 12th April, 2008 Dymocks
Nergal Münster Germany May 2008 Monasteria Obscura
cheese Johannesburg South Africa 3 August, 2008
amoliyer80 Bombay India 11 August, 2008 ER 0141-002-0004E9E
Schoenf Wien Austria August 2008 from Justread
webmind Netherlands September 2010
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