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How to setup an installation package for the iLiad


[edit] ipkg

ipkg is the package manager used on the Iliad. Might be the right way to install software on it...

[edit] Installation

You don't need a copy of ipkg to create packages, but it might be of help. I installed a local copy on my Ubuntu 8.10 by fetching recent sources:

after unpacking:

sudo make install

[edit] Making packages

This looks like a good start:

[edit] Structure of package files

An ipk file is an archive file with 3 files in it. Examlple:

ar x foo.ipk
--> foo.ipk control.tar.gz  data.tar.gz  debian-binary
  • control.tar.gz: contains pre- and postinstall scripts
  • data.tar.gz: contains the files to be installed
  • debian-binary: contains the text '2.0' and a newline ("\n")

More info can be founde here:

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