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[edit] What do I need to install 3rd Party Apps?

Before you can install any 3rd party applications you need to request shell access from iRex.

Be forwarned, this will void the software warranty on your iLiad. If a program breaks, it will be up to you to fix it or you will need to pay to have it reflashed.

[edit] I think I installed the SHELL Hack, But I didn't see anything happen.

After you connect to the IDS and download the SHELL Hack, you may need to reboot your iLiad if it did not do that automatically. After that, try to run a program known to work on every iLiad version such as mrxvt. If this does not work, verify you've correctly connected to the IDS and perhaps to to request the package again.

[edit] What Programs Are Available to Install?

You can find a list of available software on this wiki page.

Since the wiki is not always up to date, you may also want to check the iLiad developers forum for the latest news, programs, and updates.

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