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[edit] Annotation?

The device is equipped with Wacom pen technology.

You can annotate the files with the wacom pen. Annotation will create an image file that is "anchored" in the text. The feature is not fully implemented yet. You can write onscreen but can't save the annotation yet.

It will depend on the viewer it the images are seperate or encapsulated. If i remenber correctly only the apabi reader will encapsulate the notes in the book. Since the device uses independent viewers it is possible annotation will vary in other readers. The first readers will only save text as images. When the device gets its OCR package, the readers should be able to save normal text.

[edit] How thin and accurate are the drawn lines?

The iLiad is equipped with Wacom penabled technology.

The actual OS version only allows default thickness. It can't be made thinner or bolder.

The new OS allows changes in line thickness and erazor functions, but does not make use of the special abilities of a Wacom pen (e.g. more pressure gives thicker line or erasing directly with the other side).

And how does writing feel? Do you think it could replace pen and paper if you are sitting in a lecture (writing continously for 1.5h)?

The resolution isn't so super. You can't write really small and so giving you 10-15 lines per screen.

[edit] How's the display rate when you're writing? Is it difficult to write notes, or does the screen keep up?

It is fast but i had to write a little slowly than usually. I can easily write/draw on screen. When I lent the device to a friend of mine he actually wrote at full speed without waiting for the screen to update. It was a little weird but he liked it.

[edit] Is there OCR?

Handscribbling can be OCR-ed by using MyNotes, sold also from iRex, and other tools like this (like Evernote, see also here), if you merge your scribbles with pdfs.

[edit] Do all readers support annotations, just to different levels? Can PDFs be annotated?How do you erase annotations? Do you use the other side of the pen?

I think i have said it before, but right now no reader has support for annotation. I can try it in the BMP viewer, but not on html and pdf. It has just been delayed until the OS and Viewers are working ok. To erase annotations you use a button on the pen, not the back

[edit] I just want to know if there's going to be a note taking application and how it's going to look/work? Will I be able to take notes like a sheet of paper and somehow get them off the device?

In the near future i don't think there will be any specific note taking application. If i understand correctly the user will be able to write notes on the various readers, simply take off the pen and the device will allow for writing (if the reader supports it). Once the device is "finished" they should start working on the various add-ons, one of them the refinement of note taking, so i think before the end of the year it should be done.

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