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[edit] Do you already have a manual? If so, are you allowed to share it?

They are updating their manual after i told Alex some aspects i though could be inserted. Right now i can't say more, but when I can I’ll let you guys know

[edit] Do they have a dictionary implemented? Anything like Calendar, Addressbook and usual PDA stuff planned or integrated?

Not from Irex. But there is a port of GPE Calendar, Contacts and Todo. You can also scribble Calendar Notes etc on prepared PDFs. The device also doesn't bring a dictionary with it. But there is dictionary support with Mobipocket Reader, for which there are free and commercial dictionaries. Additionaly, you can use StarDict and several dictionaries for it. There also is EBView, an EPWING format reader, which could especially interest you if you want to lookup japanese, as there are numerous epwing-dictionaries for this use.

[edit] Did iRex tell you anything new concerning how much information will be available for developers?

I asked about the development of programs. And it seems to be a delicate issue because of security. iRex wants to give access to programmers, but also be able to convince publishers of it's security. I got the idea iRex would release software tools to create/test the viewer. If a user creates a "stable" viewer he can send it to iRex, and it is OK, iRex will deliver it to all devices through IDS. Also about security. All content delivered through IDS will be locked to the user, and encrypted with the code of the device that receives it. If a user breaks his device his content still belongs to him, and when downloaded will just be encrypted for the new device. A backup file from the old device will not work in the new.

[edit] How is the user notified of updates for the Iliad? Does the device connect to the internet every time you connect it to your pc via wifi (over router?) or usb or do you have to navigate some onscreen menu and search for updates manually?

When a new update is ready irex sends an email to warn the user. To update you just have to connect the device to internet, press the button on the top right corner and the device will connect to IDS and download the update.

[edit] BTW, is there a way to check the battery status?

Right now there is no way to see battery life, but Alex told me some time ago that they have added an indicator to the new update (not the one of this week tough).

[edit] When will a DJVU reader be made available?

There is already an open-source DJVU reader included in Evince which could be adapted in the same way that they adapted xpdf. DJVU allows you to read books in any language without installing any fonts. It is a highly efficient compression format for scanned books that typically produces much smaller files than other scanned-book formats.

[edit] Where can I get the .xeb Templates?

User Tribble was so nice to put them up on a webspace here.

[edit] How can I activate swap on the iLiad?

See the corresponding Wiki-entry: Swap on iLiad

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