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[edit] Online Viewer

The iLiad reads HTML. Third party webbrowsers include the following:

  • dillo, very fast but no ssl, no bookmarks, no internationalization
  • Minimo, already included but very slow
  • Elinks, text based (like lynx)
  • midori, Webkit based, no internationalization
  • Webkit, very alpha status.

You need either a wireless (not with Book Edition) or wired (through stand or travel hub) connection to use the internet (or, if being a very advanced user, connect via an usb modem). You can fire up wireless via profile menu (afterwards, you can Iliad to "connectionMgr --stay-connected"), a script. There also are connections scripts with most of the browsers.

There also are several tools for capturing or caching a website locally to be read offline.

[edit] RSS capabilities?

No RSS now, unless you use the pc to capture and then transfer to the device. The Mobipocket software on your PC has RSS capabilities when your PC is attached to the Internet and the content can be saved to the iLiad when it is attached to the Mobipocket software on your PC.

[edit] Can you install your own fonts? If so, which type of fonts (TTF, PS, OpenType)?

I can't install fonts on my device, but i can create PDFs with any font i want. See picture with a list of fonts

It's one of the things they are working on the final version, but it seems it is giving them some problems. I'll have to ask to see how it is working :P

[edit] What book formats does it support in total? Do they plan on implementing support for more formats?

You can read PDF (no reflow though), Mobipocket (also with DRM), HTML, TXT. With third party tools: unencrypted LIT, RTF, Microsoft Word and Excel files. With FBReader also RTF, CHM, OEB, OPF, FB2, TCR, ePub. Further Media include JPG, PNG, BMP and with Audio Playing Applictions MP3, OGG, WAV, MOD, comics and several other files. See the section on document viewers for more.

[edit] Can you provide your own styles for XML files?

Do you mean if i can create my XML file with my styles? Or if i can change an existing XML to what I like?

Yes to the first, anything that a browser can do the Iliad should be able to do, if you are thinking XML only without use of plugins.

The second is trickier since it would require a lot of convertion (which can easily go wrong).

[edit] I want to know if the iLiad is capable of displaying multibyte characters (especially Japanese) in it's PDF/TEXT/XHTML browsers.

There are some downloadable files to test this:

< Showing samples of Unicode files, obviously capable of displaying the content >

Link to the post in the Mobileread Forum

[edit] Oh, and it seems that the iLiad can't display UTF-8 plain text. I somehow had a wrong idea that the iLiad have a text viewer.

Actually i changed the txt to htm because the device wasn't recognizing the format. So it's the xhtml viewer in the pics.

***The iLiad can read plain text. Henrycat established that iRex had not correctly associated the txt file type with the html viewer and so it didn't seem to work (but did when he renamed the file .htm instead of .txt. I believe he later confirmed that this was fixed, but can't find the reference. - Riocaz

[edit] In the reader software available, is there some that can reformat the text according to the zoom factor (i.e. re-wrap the text nicely)?

The html reader allows zoom and re-wrapping of the text. The PDF viewer does not allow this at the moment.

The PDF viewer allows zoom and pan. See the User Manual [1], pages 38-39. PDF by definition does not reflow text; it is a fixed format. Also, you can change to horizontal orientation to enlarge the font and click on the setting "Continuous" to enlarge the font some (page 37 in the User's Manual).

[edit] Is the iLiad able to rotate the page 90 degrees to display half of A4 page (landscape mode)?

It's one of the features of the "final" pdf viewer. If everything goes ok it should be available in the next update, or at least by the end of September. It will depend on the implementation of the other viewers if they can use landscape.

Update: This has been implemented.

[edit] What HTML-Browser is installed on the machine?

The minimo browser, identifying itself as Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv5tel; chrome://navigator/locale/; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060622. The browser seems to run under root priviliges, Java Script is activated. For other browsers you can install, see above.

[edit] What downloads are available on the XEB-Viewer/Publisher?

The Iliad is able to display .xeb-Files. There is a chinise Version of the Publisher avalable here. There is also a reader for displaying xeb files on windows machines and a Plug-In available.

[edit] Is there a good example for a PDF-document suitable for reading on the ILiad?

Yes, user wiljo in the mobileread-forum has put up Voltaire's "Candide" as an example. Please have a look here.

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