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See also See also iLiad Firmware V2.5 and iLiad Firmware V2.61


[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.6

This software release 2.6 is part of an ongoing process to extend the functionalities of the iLiad and to improve the overall performance to ensure an even better electronic reading experience for our customers.

[edit] Power Management

  • The average battery life has been improved to 10 hours. Additional power management improvements are planned in upcoming software releases.

[edit] User Interface

  • Path information displayed in title bar of content browser
  • File size displayed in content browser
  • Revised onscreen busy indicator when launching viewers
  • The Up Key will now also allow you to close opened documents and applications
  • Language changes in the iLiad settings will now take effect immediately

[edit] PDF

  • Increased page turn speed. When reading a PDF document the next pages will be pre-loaded, this will substantially increase the page turn speed.

[edit] HTML

  • Go to the last read page when re-opening any HTML document container.

[edit] CF Card

  • Fixed bug where certain CF cards stopped working with version 2.5

[edit] Scribble Function

  • Notes and drawings are now saved into an additional format (.IRX) which can be used with MyScript NotesĀ®.

[edit] Networking

  • Support for Fixed IP address in wired network profiles
  • Improved wired and wireless network performance

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