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[edit] base-files

  • Description: Miscellaneous files for the base system.

[edit] base-passwd

  • Description: Base system password/group files.

==busybox ==

  • Description: BusyBox v1.7.2.

[edit] cf8385-kernel-module-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-irex1

  • Description: Marvell WiFi CF8385 kernel driver

[edit] cifs

  • Description: Version 3.0.20-r5 of package samba

[edit] contentlister-locale-de

  • Description: de translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister-locale-en

  • Description: en translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister-locale-es

  • Description: es translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister-locale-fr

  • Description: fr translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister-locale-nl

  • Description: nl translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister-locale-zh

  • Description: zh translation for contentlister

[edit] contentlister

[edit] displaymgr

  • Description: eReader display manager

[edit] ebareader

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package ebareader

[edit] ecdc-locale-de

  • Description: de translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc-locale-en

  • Description: en translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc-locale-es

  • Description: es translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc-locale-fr

  • Description: fr translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc-locale-nl

  • Description: nl translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc-locale-zh

  • Description: zh translation for ecdc

[edit] ecdc

  • Description: eReader ecd client

[edit] er-region-china

  • Description: Version 1.0-r0 of package er-region-china

[edit] er-region-europe

  • Description: Version 1.0-r0 of package er-region-europe

[edit] erbrowser

  • Description: eReader browser

[edit] erbusyd

  • Description: eReader busy indicator daemon

[edit] ereader-fonts-asian-default

  • Description: eReader fonts

Suggests: libfontconfig-utils

[edit] ereader-fonts-t1

  • Description: eReader fonts

Suggests: libfontconfig-utils

[edit] ereader-fonts-western-default

  • Description: eReader fonts

Suggests: libfontconfig-utils

[edit] ereader-input-method-res-en

  • Description: Vision Objects eReader Input Method

[edit] ereader-input-method

  • Description: Vision Objects eReader Input Method

[edit] ersetup-locale-de

  • Description: de translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup-locale-en

  • Description: en translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup-locale-es

  • Description: es translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup-locale-fr

  • Description: fr translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup-locale-nl

  • Description: nl translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup-locale-zh

  • Description: zh translation for ersetup

[edit] ersetup

  • Description: eReader setup

[edit] fuser

  • Description: procfs tools

[edit] gdk-pixbuf-loader-bmp

  • Description: GDK pixbuf loader for bmp

[edit] gdk-pixbuf-loader-jpeg

  • Description: GDK pixbuf loader for jpeg

[edit] gdk-pixbuf-loader-png

  • Description: GDK pixbuf loader for png

[edit] glibc-charmap-utf-8

  • Description: character map for utf-8 encoding

[edit] glibc-gconv-cp1252

  • Description: gconv module for character set cp1252

[edit] glibc-gconv-euc-cn

  • Description: gconv module for character set euc-cn

[edit] glibc-gconv-iso8859-1

  • Description: gconv module for character set iso8859-1

[edit] glibc-gconv-libgb

  • Description: gconv module for character set libgb

[edit] glibc-gconv

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] glibc-localedata-de-de

  • Description: locale definition for de-de

[edit] glibc-localedata-en-us

  • Description: locale definition for en-us

[edit] glibc-localedata-es-es

  • Description: locale definition for es-es

[edit] glibc-localedata-fr-fr

  • Description: locale definition for fr-fr

[edit] glibc-localedata-i18n

  • Description: locale definition for i18n

[edit] glibc-localedata-iso14651-t1

  • Description: locale definition for iso14651-t1

[edit] glibc-localedata-nl-nl

  • Description: locale definition for nl-nl

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-circle

  • Description: locale definition for translit-circle

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-cjk-compat

  • Description: locale definition for translit-cjk-compat

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-combining

  • Description: locale definition for translit-combining

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-compat

  • Description: locale definition for translit-compat

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-font

  • Description: locale definition for translit-font

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-fraction

  • Description: locale definition for translit-fraction

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-narrow

  • Description: locale definition for translit-narrow

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-neutral

  • Description: locale definition for translit-neutral

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-small

  • Description: locale definition for translit-small

[edit] glibc-localedata-translit-wide

  • Description: locale definition for translit-wide

[edit] glibc-localedata-zh-cn

  • Description: locale definition for zh-cn

[edit] gtk+

  • Description: GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for projects ranging from small one-off projects to complete application suites.

Recommends: glibc-gconv-iso8859-1

[edit] iliad-timezones

  • Description: Timezone data

[edit] initscripts

  • Description: SysV init scripts

[edit] ipdf-locale-de

  • Description: de translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf-locale-en

  • Description: en translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf-locale-es

  • Description: es translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf-locale-fr

  • Description: fr translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf-locale-nl

  • Description: nl translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf-locale-zh

  • Description: zh translation for ipdf

[edit] ipdf

  • Description: eReader iPDF

[edit] ipkg-collateral

  • Description: ipkg configuration files

[edit] ipkg-link

  • Description: Itsy Package Manager utilities link script

[edit] ipkg

  • Description: Itsy Package Manager

[edit] isp1362-kernel-module-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-irex1

  • Description: ISP1362 USB kernel driver

[edit] kernel-image-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-irex1

  • Description: Linux 2.4.19 kernel for iRex iLiad eReader

[edit] kernel-module-cifs-2.4

  • Description: cifs kernel module; VFS to access servers complying with the SNIA CIFS Specification e.g. Samba and Windows

[edit] kernel-module-ide-cs-2.4

  • Description: ide-cs kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-ide-disk-2.4

  • Description: ide-disk kernel module; ATA DISK Driver

[edit] kernel-module-ide-mod-2.4

  • Description: ide-mod kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-ide-probe-mod-2.4

  • Description: ide-probe-mod kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-mmc-block-2.4

  • Description: mmc-block kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-mmc-core-2.4

  • Description: mmc-core kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-mmc-pxa-2.4

  • Description: mmc-pxa kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-ppp-async-2.4

  • Description: ppp-async kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-ppp-generic-2.4

  • Description: ppp-generic kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-scsi-mod-2.4

  • Description: scsi-mod kernel module; SCSI core

[edit] kernel-module-sd-mod-2.4

  • Description: sd-mod kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-serial-cs-2.4

  • Description: serial-cs kernel module; PCMCIA serial card driver

[edit] kernel-module-sg-2.4

  • Description: sg kernel module; SCSI generic (sg) driver

[edit] kernel-module-slhc-2.4

  • Description: slhc kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-smc91x-2.4

  • Description: smc91x kernel module

[edit] kernel-module-usb-storage-2.4

  • Description: usb-storage kernel module; USB Mass Storage driver for Linux

[edit] kernel-modules

  • Description: Kernel modules meta package

[edit] kernel

  • Description: Linux 2.4.19 kernel for iRex iLiad eReader

[edit] libatk-1.0-0

  • Description: An accessibility toolkit for GNOME.

[edit] libc6

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] libcrypto0.9.7

  • Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools.

[edit] libcurl3

  • Description: Command line tool and library for client-side URL transfers.

[edit] liberdm2

  • Description: eReader display manager library

[edit] libergtk0

  • Description: eReader GTK library

[edit] liberipc0

  • Description: eReader IPC library

[edit] liberlog1

  • Description: eReader logging library

[edit] libermanifest0

  • Description: eReader XML manifest library

[edit] liberregxml0

  • Description: eReader registry library

[edit] liberscribble0

  • Description: eReader Scribble Library

[edit] libexpat0

  • Description: Jim Clarkes XML parser library.

[edit] libfakekey0

  • Description: libFakeKey: A simple library for converting utf8 chars into 'fake' keypresses.

[edit] libfontconfig-utils

  • Description: A library for configuring and customizing font access.

[edit] libfontconfig1

  • Description: A library for configuring and customizing font access.

[edit] libfreetype6

  • Description: Freetype font rendering library

[edit] libgcc1

  • Description: The GNU cc and gcc C compilers.

[edit] libgcrypt11

  • Description: A general purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG

[edit] libglib-2.0-0

  • Description: GLib is a general-purpose utility library, which provides many useful data types, macros, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities, a main loop abstraction, and so on. It works on many UNIX-like platforms, Windows, OS/2 and BeOS.

[edit] libgpg-error0

  • Description: GPG-Error library

[edit] libice6

  • Description: X11 ICE library

[edit] libidl-2-0

  • Description: Library for parsing CORBA IDL files

[edit] libipkg0

  • Description: Itsy Package Manager Library

[edit] libjpeg62

  • Description: libjpeg is a library for handling the JPEG (JFIF) image format.

[edit] libmb1

  • Description: Matchbox window manager core library

[edit] libpng12-0

  • Description: PNG Library

[edit] libpoppler1

  • Description: Poppler is a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base.

[edit] libsm6

  • Description: Session management library

[edit] libssl0.9.7

  • Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools.

[edit] libstartup-notification-1-0

  • Description: Startup notification support

[edit] libstdc++6

  • Description: The GNU cc and gcc C compilers.

[edit] libts-1.0-0

  • Description: tslib is a plugin-based flexible touchscreen access library.

Recommends: pointercal

[edit] libx11-6

  • Description: Base X libs.

[edit] libxau0

  • Description: Authorization Protocol for X.

[edit] libxcalibrate0

  • Description: XCalibrate client-side library

[edit] libxcursor1

  • Description: X Cursor library

[edit] libxext6

  • Description: X Server Extension library

[edit] libxfixes0

  • Description: X Fixes extension library.

[edit] libxfont1

  • Description: X font library (used by the X server).

[edit] libxft2

  • Description: X FreeType library. Client-side fonts with FreeType.

[edit] libxml2

  • Description: GNOME XML Parser library

[edit] libxrandr2

  • Description: X Resize and Rotate extension library.

[edit] libxrender1

  • Description: X Render extension library.

[edit] libxsettings-client0

  • Description: Version 0.14-r0 of package libxsettings-client

[edit] libxt6

  • Description: X Toolkit Intrinsics

[edit] libxtst6

  • Description: X Test Extension: client side library

[edit] libz1

  • Description: Zlib Compression Library

[edit] linux-hotplug

  • Description: This package contains the scripts necessary for hotplug Linux support, and lets you plug in new devices and use them immediately.

Suggests: pciutils, usbutils Replaces: hotplug Conflicts: hotplug

[edit] locale-base-de-de

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] locale-base-en-us

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] locale-base-es-es

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] locale-base-fr-fr

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] locale-base-nl-nl

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] locale-base-zh-cn

  • Description: GNU C Library

[edit] makedevs

  • Description: A tool to make device nodes

[edit] matchbox-common

  • Description: Matchbox window manager common files

[edit] matchbox-panel

  • Description: Matchbox Window Manager Panel

[edit] matchbox-wm

  • Description: Matchbox window manager

[edit] minimo

  • Description: A minimal version of the Mozilla web browser

[edit] mobipocket-locale-de

  • Description: Mobipocket translations for de

[edit] mobipocket-locale-en

  • Description: Mobipocket translations for en

[edit] mobipocket-locale-es

  • Description: Mobipocket translations for es

[edit] mobipocket-locale-fr

  • Description: Mobipocket translations for fr

[edit] mobipocket-locale-nl

  • Description: Mobipocket translations for nl

[edit] mobipocket

  • Description: Java Mobipocket Viewer for iLiad

[edit] mode-menu-de

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] mode-menu-en

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] mode-menu-es

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] mode-menu-fr

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] mode-menu-nl

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] mode-menu-zh

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package mode-menu

[edit] modutils-collateral

  • Description: modutils configuration files

[edit] modutils-depmod

  • Description: These utilities are intended to make a Linux modular kernel manageable for all users, administrators and distribution maintainers.

[edit] modutils-initscripts

  • Description: modutils configuration files

[edit] msdisk-2.4.19-rmk7-pxa2-irex1

  • Description: ISP1362 USB kernel driver

[edit] nbtquery

  • Description: Netbios Name Lookup - Resolve a Netbios name to an IP address

[edit] netbase

  • Description: This package provides the necessary infrastructure for basic TCP/IP based networking.

[edit] pagebar

  • Description: eReader pagebar

[edit] pango-module-basic-fc

  • Description: Pango module basic-fc

[edit] pango-module-basic-x

  • Description: Pango module basic-x

[edit] pango

  • Description: The goal of the Pango project is to provide an Open

[edit] pcmcia-cs

  • Description: Utilities and system configuration files for the Linux PCMCIA card services

[edit] pointercal

  • Description: tslib is a plugin-based flexible touchscreen access library.

[edit] poppler-data-zh

  • Description: Version 0.1-r1 of package poppler-data-zh

[edit] portmap

  • Description: RPC program number mapper.

[edit] powermgr

  • Description: eReader power manager

[edit] ppp-tools

  • Description: The pppdump and pppstats utitilities

[edit] ppp

  • Description: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon

[edit] scribble

  • Description: eReader scribbler

[edit] setserial

  • Description: Version 2.17-r1 of package setserial

[edit] sysset

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package erflash-tools

[edit] sysvinit-inittab

  • Description: System-V like init.

[edit] sysvinit-pidof

  • Description: System-V like init.

[edit] sysvinit

  • Description: System-V like init.

[edit] tar

  • Description: GNU tar saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive.

[edit] task-ereader-apps-china

  • Description: Meta-package for the ereader

[edit] task-ereader-apps-europe

  • Description: Meta-package for the European iLiad

[edit] task-ereader-bootstrap

  • Description: Core packages required for a basic eReader installation

Recommends: portmap

[edit] tinylogin

  • Description: TinyLogin is a suite of tiny UNIX utilities for handling logins, user authentication, changing passwords, and otherwise maintaining users and groups on an embedded system.

[edit] tslib-conf

  • Description: tslib is a plugin-based flexible touchscreen access library.

[edit] tweak-ereader-image

  • Description: Tweak the eReader filesystem

[edit] update-modules

  • Description: Script to manage module configuration files

[edit] update-rc.d

  • Description: Manage symlinks in /etc/rcN.d

[edit] wireless-tools

  • Description: Tools for the Linux Standard Wireless Extension Subsystem

[edit] wlanscan

  • Description: WLAN scanner: show wireless networks in the air

[edit] wpa-supplicant

  • Description: A Client for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

[edit] xcursor-transparent-theme

  • Description: Transparent xcursor theme for handheld systems

[edit] xebreader

  • Description: Version 0.1+svn20080314-r1 of package xebreader

[edit] xserver-kdrive-fbdev

  • Description: X server from, supporting generic framebuffer devices

[edit] xtscal-locale-de

  • Description: de translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal-locale-en

  • Description: en translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal-locale-es

  • Description: es translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal-locale-fr

  • Description: fr translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal-locale-nl

  • Description: nl translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal-locale-zh

  • Description: zh translation for xtscal

[edit] xtscal

  • Description: Touchscreen calibration utility
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