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[edit] Introduction

The iLiad uses Matchbox (matchbox panel 0.9.2 (patched)) for window management and other functions. E.g. for the toolbar at the bottom of the screen that contains the icons for battery status and so on. The toolbar (the one that contains the page numbers) below the one mentioned before is not part of matchbox. It is controlled by pageBar.

[edit] Window management

  • Program: /usr/bin/matchbox-window-manager
  • Factory default parameters: -use_titlebar no -use_cursor no
  • Started in: /root/ registry repair

[edit] Toolbar

  • Program: /usr/bin/matchbox-panel
  • Factory default parameters: --size 39 --no-menu --bgcolor White --no-session --default-apps mb-applet-icon-container
  • Started in: /root/

[edit] Misc. notes

  • If the matchbox-panel process is killed new documents do not open anymore.

[edit] Taskbar

Matchbox offers no taskbar (neither as standalone program nor as an applet for the panel).(source).

[edit] Current Efforts

[edit] Adam B.

Adam B. seems to have implemented a taskbar. See posting. But he says it is very buggy and he has not released anything yet.

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